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Living in old folks memory lane can't be a good thing for the future of pan in Trinidad and Tobago. If the main objective is to increase young people involvement in Panorama as both players and fans, this surely not the way to go. Maybe it's time for a "Groovy Panorama". A "Groovy Panorama" would eclipse the current panorama alignment within three years on all levels for sure. I think we forget that when we were younger, we listened to and played the music of our time - not the music of our grandparents. As this years song "Outta Box" says - kill the retro.


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Good point Eric Rollnick, and like GospelPan said it creates a stale feeling, if you are going to use the old why create new?

No disrespect to the participants at the other 3 categories.  However, the only time "retro tunes" were performed at PANORAMA was in 2005.  When the LARGE category resort back to retro tunes, THEN ........... (lol) 


Wrong position

Bugs, I am not disputing "Old Tunes" vs "New Tunes". I am disputing the so called Pan Tunes with their limited, or no exposure, versus tunes that in the good old days had maximum exposure.

Now I am not too sure about the UK Panorama, but lets look at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning bands in New York panorama.

Radoes -- Spanking (Super Blue)

Ad Lib -- Big People Party (sung by Farmer Nappy)

CASYM -- Big People Party (sung by Farmer Nappy)

One band also played Haunted (sung by Machel Montano).

These were all BRAND NEW tunes. But they were played regularly on the radio. Big People Party is still mashing up the place in parties. If the bands play tunes that people know, I believe that we would have a better panorama.

There is a reason why Panorama was created during the Carnival season. Panorama was created to have pan come down the track, and people to kick up dust. You cannot kick up dust if you don't know what the hell the bands are playing.


I am in agreement with you on this part. Playing a bunch of tunes that is not on the young people's playlist is suicidal. 


Most of the pan tunes are done by unknown people so they get zero air play, we must remember that in the Mecca everything is geared to carnival so wine and jam music takes over the air-waves, no one cares about pan music.

i'm totally with you on that

Let's get rid of all "ole calypsoes" and keep the
ole American and Italian songs. Patriotic? Yuh bet!

People over 50 had their say, and the youth using "ole songs" to rap to.

The "Old Tunes" allowance rule is one of the very ass-backwards decisions that came out of the Patrick Arnold period in Pan Trinbago. Not a "brilliant" change. Look at Exodus playing Tourist Leggo back in 1976, a song everybody was dancing and singing to.  Nowadays for some (not all) judges, if a band steps out too far with a "popular" party-type song, they had better watch their tails.

Another "decision" is the categorization of bands into small, medium and large, also on Patrick Arnold's watch.  Before - it was either you were good steel orchestras, could make the grade, or you couldn't make it past a certain stage.  But in 2004, in came "categories." Now some bands which should never even come out of their yard, so unimpressive is their playing, are still entering in smaller numbers, especially the 'small bands'  for the money involved by just going into competition. As Smooth from All Stars said a few years ago - Large is Large. Get it together - everyone can come to Panorama, one category, let's just hear how good or great you are regardless of size. But then again, that's called 'real' competition.

And the Zonal competitions, which allowed steelbands to be champions in their own regions, are no more.  Yup - toast to the former President of Pan Trinbago, Patrick Arnold, for all these "insightful" changes coming under his tenure.

I don't quite follow the logic of people , especially pan people who disparage old calypso music , while venerating music composed hundreds of years ago by long dead Europeans.

And don't tell me we don't do it; all pan people profess to love the European classics.

What made them classics?

It was because they were the best, most original music composed in their eras , and the music has stood the test of time.

Similarly , in the calypso art-form ,we have had our own great composers , whose music , so far has also stood the test of time.

There is such a thing as quality.

There is no reason why young composers cannot compose music as memorable as the great calypsos  of the past, but for the most part they don't seem to be doing it..

However ,I think that a good pan tune is structured like a traditional calypso . In other words , more calypso than soca.

I think that most of the best artists and composers today probably focus more on cashing in on soca compositions than creating pan friendly calypso tunes.

I'm not critiquing anyone's work , but few modern pan tunes measure up to the great compositions of the past , created by some of our most talented artists.

Indeed , I feel under no obligation to listen to listen to "pan tunes" , which are in reality composed for the ears of panorama arrangers , not for listening enjoyment and partying ,and this also makes them less likely to get much radio play.

Glenroy.... I agree and disagree with some of your sentiments. I think no matter how good your tune for pan, if you are not well established it can sometimes be difficult to get airplay. Kitchener had every single pan tune played on the radio. The Original Defosto sometimes gets airplay. For this reason the composers get big name entertainers from the Soca arena to sing their composition with the hope they get airplay and as a result that composition can become a classic in years to come.    

This article seems to be in itself against "OLD TUNES and OLD PEOPLE". I TOTALLY agree with YOUR sentiment  and I will dismiss most of the stupidness on this forum.


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