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ON A HEAVIER NOTE: Who do you think is going to be the next PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO?

Take a risk PAN FANS and tell us whom you think will win Sunday's upcoming election!!!

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That’s the contradiction I see here, while we have a lot of women in PAN as players, arrangers, managers and  leaders within their bands organization, you don’t see a lot of support for her or other women endorsing her move to challenge the executive. I wonder WHY? 

This is a PIONEERING move for Ramsey to run a male dominated PAN organization, looks like she's facing the same up hill battle like Hillary Clinton, remember when her husband Bill was president, the Republicans us to say "get rid of the President and her husband too", funny as it sounded back then, today 22 years later they still running scared. Like you I'm on the outside looking in.

Beverly Ramsey Moore and Team New Visionaries


Dr. Nyomba: You seem like a BIG BEVERLY SUPPORTER!!!! Hope the NEW VISIONARIES make it!!!

I support her overall vision for pan and the business model of her band. The latter is a route to the self-sufficiency steelbands in T&T should seek.


Let's take this program to TRINIDAD!!!! Bar and restaurant in every panyard. Run all the RUM SHOPS out of business!!!

Who funded the institute & theatre to the tune of 6 million.?

Patrick: Like yuh representing Diaz or what? Why are you asking such impertinent questions? Everything related to PAN is GIMME GIMME. You ought to know that!!! 

The bigger question here is, if they could do this with 6 million, what did the Diaz and his gang produced for the funds given to complete PT headquarters?

A picture can paint a thousand words, seeing is believing. Did anyone think to ask Trinidad All Stars the same question when they acquired the deed for their property. Let's keep our biases in check, or at least hold those accountable for wasting tax-payers money.


What troubles me is the fact that there are so many youths who play pan, youths with degrees in music, management, business admin etc. They need to step up and wrest the thing away from the old phogies and take it to a new level. The "New" Visionaries are "Old" Visionaries. Like I said previously, is the same ting over and over.


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