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On a Lighter Note: Whats Your Choice for Top Panorama Pieces Ever?

 After Listening to Panorama Pieces From 1963 to Present. My Top Panorama Pieces Are. [1] Rebecca by Despers  [2] Woman on the Bass by All Stars and [3] In My House by Despers. Lets us Hear whats Your Choice!

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Kitchner 67 WITCO Gay Desperadoes

Michael B. Best My Bro. With All Due Respect. Despers never Played [67] by Kitch as a Panorama Piece.

The introduction of the long run

What about Plenty Loving by Tokyo and arranged by Ray Holman?

Starlift Du Du Yemi...Natasha.....

Not one man eh pick GUINNESS CAVALIERS with "MAS" by Lord Melody.

Valentine, like these posters took your headline L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y on a L-I-G-H-T--E-R  N-O-T-E and only making jokey picks or what!!!

When the NEW VISIONARIES win the election and they call me to assemble my 12 BEST PANORAMA SONGS ever for the CD which will be marketed to EXPATS the world over, I eh putting none of the songs suggested so far on that CD. But "MAS" by Lord Melody as played by GUINNESS CAVALIERS will be my NUMBER ONE PICK.

Big Big Pan Men like Oswald Alexander and Merrytones and Gerard Clarke cyar even identify ONE good PANORAMA TUNE. Lord have mercy on PAN!!!

lol…you like bacchanal 'ting eh?...I was a lil boy in short pants when Guiness mash up de savannah...

Claude My Brother. I always Respect Your Suggestions and Comments but this is One Time that I have to Totally Disagree Win Guinness Melody Mas in 1965. If We Pick Ten Pieces All Time they are not sure to Make It. Panorama was a Baby then and No One Knew what they were Doing at that Time. Guinness Came with a Lot of Pan and a Lot of Noise and Woke up the Savannah but that's All they Did. I was present on that night playing Tenor with Gay Desperadoes playing Hold on to Your Man. ''''Du Du Yemi'' - ''Woman is Boss'' -  ''The Wrecker'' - ''Pan Rising'' - ''Do Back Back''  - ''Pan By Storm'' even ''Picture on My Wall'' just to name a few will Destroy  [1965] Melody Mas by Guinness. Sorry Pal. 

Ah going back and deal with the PAN POLITICS and stay out of this PANORAMA thing. When one of the biggest contributors to spreading PAN MUSIC & CALYPSO (and a SOUTH MAN at that), an ardent listener of the music, a respected analyst of PANORAMA music (GLENROY JOSEPH) refused to back me on my GUINNESS CAVALIERS pick -- then I am truly out of my league.

And just for the record, Mr. Valentine, I posted earlier (months ago) that KEITH DIAZ had sold out the rights to the PAN TRINBAGO music archives to CNMG and Ken Ali. So my suggestion of getting that contract from the NEW VISIONARIES to produce that CD was mostly tongue-in-cheek.

However, I think that Salmon Cupid and Duvonne Stewart should reprise the 12 best panorama pieces ever on the E-PANS. That would be phenomenal and clean as a whistle. I can only imagine what the GUINNESS CAVALIERS version of Lord Melody's "MAS" would sound like.

I take this to mean not necessarily the winners , or the best , but the ones , or should I say the panorama experiences that stuck with you , and had the biggest impact long after the performances.

By that measure some of my choices would be.:

Melda by Despers 

Sixty seven by Cavaliers 

The Wrecker by Solo Harmonites

"Bongo " by Solo

Mas in Brooklyn by cavaliers

Rebecca by Despers

Doh Back Back by All Stars

Birthday Party by Phase !!

Is de Pan in me by Renegades

The Hammer by All Stars

And of course ,

Pan by Storm by Fonclaire

Not saying best , greatest or anything.

These are just some of the pieces that I still listen to when I feel in the mood for panorama music , even after all these years.

Notice that I didn't mention 'Woman on the bass' by All Stars.

As fine an arrangement as it is , I didn't get the "experience" from it , as i wasn't around when it was performed.

Also I was liming in Marabella the night Cavaliers kicked everybody's ass with Melody's Mas , and first heard about it from friends who had gone to the panorama and returned to "de Bella" to join our late night lime , so I didn't experience it.

Glen My Bro. You Have a Nice Compilation there. You are right the Pieces don't Necessary had to have Won Panorama, its what You think that Were the Three Best All Times Pieces through the Panorama Years. Honorable Mention Should Be Four Lara Four By Renegades.

It's interesting that no one mentioned Renegades or even Exodus before you…Pan Explosion, Guitar and Mystery band were huge winners from Renegades...also Savannah Party from Exo was big too..

Merrytones: Yuh remember that list I just made with you and Oswald and Gerard Clarke. Ah want yuh to add Bertell Gittens to that listen. Dat music never get in my blood!!!


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