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Somebody sent me an email and told me not to say the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Just say IN TRINIDAD!

So I started looking even harder to see if I could find ONE POLITICIAN in the whole world who is more skilled at the game than the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ. But when I looked at the way the man took a ONE DAY MEETING and turned into a ONE MONTH meeting that ran RIGHT INTO CHRISTMAS MANIA -- ah have to call him WORLD CLASS.

Now, I might have to move KEITH DIAZ down a notch tomorrow, however. Because there is a politician running for a senate seat in ALABAMA and he was accused of child molestation (girls 14 and 16) when he was in his THIRTIES (he is 70 years old now). The girls waited over 30 years to make a complaint to a newspaper owned by a bored billionaire who woke up one day and realized that when you have billions you could BUY THE PRESS and tell the EDITORS what to print and who to investigate.

And yet the ROY MOORE fellah RISE ABOVE all that NATIONAL IRE and political sabotage and went on to win the senate race (not yet verified) and become a SENATOR in the US CONGRESS. Even getting a FULL ENDORSEMENT from DONALD TRUMP and almost all of the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.

If this man wins tomorrow, I will have to flip a coin to decide if KEITH DIAZ is still the GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

But I know one thing: THE CIP will always see KEITH DIAZ as the GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. The kind ah LICKS he put on dem fellahs!!! Ah hear Gregory Lindsay get so BAZODEE from the LICKS the man start talking in his sleep: What "WORLD" Claude talking about, yuh mean the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!

Ah still waiting for the FAT LADY to sing, Gregory. Ah feel yuh finally out of ammunition. Like yuh reach Russell Providence 30% threshold.

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Regrettably, I may have to downgrade KEITH DIAZ to the "SECOND GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD" spot this evening!!! THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING!!!

Sometimes we have to look back in order to MOVE forward...

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Yeah Mi Amigo, i'm watching to0, with my"Pinecal Gland", and not the "Gazering Eyes"...


I am projecting (before the NETWORKS) that KEITH DIAZ will continue to be the GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD!


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