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One for "Boogsie" - Parallel Overtones - Garvin Blake with Frankie McIntosh

A Moment in Pan -- from Garvin Blake and Friends

In celebration of world steelpan month, here's "One For Boogsie" composed by Frankie McIntosh in tribute to one of the foremost practitioners of the artform Len "Boogsie" Sharpe.

Frankie McIntosh - composer & piano
Iman Pascall - tenor pan & percussion
Omar McIntosh - bass
Gregory Rivero - drums
Garvin Blake - double second pan

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Nice jam composed by the venerated musician Frankie McIntosh and superbly performed by the quintet of Iman Pascall, Omar McIntosh, Gregory Rivero, Garvin Blake and Frankie McIntosh himself, in honor of pan titan Len "Boogsie" Sharpe. This musical piece smacks of an up-tempo, bouncy calypso beat replete with jazzy overtones throughout. Immensely enjoyed this Frankie McIntosh composition. Kudos to all involved!


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