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One of our Comrades Glenroy Joseph is having a serious operation tomorrow, your Thoughts and Prayers are most appreciated,

Glenroy Joseph is having a serious Knee operation  tomorrow , lets hope and prayer his operation is successful, Just trust in the Lord Glenroy my Thoughts are with you.

I hope to hear you fussing with us on this Forum, ASAP, may the good lord Bless you.

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You'll be in my prayers Glenroy...

The good news is that the American doctors have gotten real good with those knee operations. So a little bit of prayers should bring Glenroy back to the forum in fine fettle -- pronto!!!

All the best on a successful operation, come back soon Glenroy.

God Speed Glenroy!

May the Guidance of

Almighty God be with you and all those involved and we all hope your recovery would be a speedy one . Stay strong Bro.

Prayers are with you my friend. You are a man of "Steel". Be strong and have faith

Glenroy, the surgeons are very good at those surgeries ( I have had two of them). As long as you do the necessary post-op work, you will be good to go.  It's great to walk around pain free.  Blessings!

Thanks for letting us know,Bede!

Glenroy...May All Blessings Flow to You, the Doctors,Nurses,and all responsible for your Care,&:Completely Successful Operation Tomorrow>>> 

You will blow their Minds with your extremely Speedy Recovery! Smile.

Make sure you introduce some soft, Sweet *Pan-Music in De Operation & Recovery Rooms.Smile.

I know we will hear from you soon!




May the operation be successful, and your recovery be speedy, I pray!

I shall certainly offer up a prayer for the success of the operation.

Blessed Assurance...

OK Glenroy...here's a Nice Surprise to ensure your Successful Operation,& Speedy Recovery>>Because,ah know yuh mus' want tuh Dance to dis one.! Smile.

I remember asking you to track down *Starlift's 1971 Panorama Co-Winner:-"Queen Of The Band">Arranged by Ray Holman {Composed by Winsford DeVine & Sung By Sparrow}...

Well,I went to Teach a Workshop in *New Hampshire...& my Hosts  Gifted me A "National Geographic" LP,with this Edited portion from that Fantastic Panorama Night...when Ray said{right before we got behind our Instruments}:->

"Ah Seeing Nothing But Victory Tonight!" *Solo Harmonites try tuh put a Spoke in we Wheel,but we stayed on-track!

Apart from:-"Pan On De Move" the nex' year.... & Ray's:-"Panyard Vibrations",with "PanDemonium"..this Tune was definitely most enjoyable for me to play.

Ah know yuh appreciate lil "I-Story" tuh go wit de Music. Smile.

Enjoy..& get better SOON.. Keep Posting>>.here,Facebook,etc.Thanks fuh Sharin' We Ting!,wit' de World!





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