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It hit me, looking at a map of the Savannah, and thinking about what is being done to make Panorama more… dare I say ridiculous!

Delays in setting up for stage for each band is known to be problematic.  Small Bands being treated as an afterthought.  Noise from unrelated activities disrupting the competition.

What if, instead of a splash pool, there was a second (and even a third) stage erected on the Savannah, that would be suited for small and medium bands.  During the Panorama competition, what if Jumbotron video was sent back and forth, allowing a performance on one stage to be going on whilst the band on the other stage was setting up?  One could choose which stage to sit at, but still be able to enjoy all the bands.

Only compromise is that instead of the days being divided between small and medium on day one, large on day two, is that you may be running all three divisions on the same days, rotating through the stages.  But you will engage the audience by eliminating the delays caused with a single stage.

I bring this up as the Pan Splash experiment utilized Jumbotrons.  So why not use Jumbotron to improve how the competition is organized and presented?  

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No one likes the ideas of using Jumbotrons to get more steelband performances in front of a larger Panorama audience?  Would rather have the splash pool instead?


This is a great idea. One of the best I have ever seen on this forum. But Pan Trinbago would never go for it.


Corey Morgan, thanks for your suggestion. It is a credit to you and to the fraternity of WST (our female members included) that we are trying to find a solution from the chaos of Panorama and the treatment of Pan Trinbago. I must say though, that I do not agree with the use of jumbotrons, nor do I want to see small, medium and large bands competing, all on the same day. I like the current format, as it affords pan lovers like we are, the opportunity to really listen and enjoy what the different bands and their arrangers have in store for us. Also, to appreciate all the hard work, effort and dedication that go into preparing for Panorama. I do get exhausted from concentrating on each band's performance when a competition goes on for too long. Maybe it's just me. What do you think?  

Just thinking that the small and single pan bands do not get exposure to the big crowds that are in place for the big show.


Also, my sense is people are more interested in hearing bands than watching them setup and tear down on stage, so we could deliver more performances this way and keep the audience engaged.

Not a bad idea, but i can hear the response of the powers that be. It's to costly. Carifesta 1979 Cuba, we played on this particular Lake which had a revolving stage , as one performance ended it revolve and (wahla) the next act. the reason i don't participate in much of the discussions is because it vex the spirit.. we are so far behind and it's not for lack of resources is just that some of the people in position have no vision and some are indifferent.

That sounds very cool.  Do you think the Jumbotron cost argument will stand though, now that they were used for semi-finals?  As a matter of fact, they would probably have the same equipment set up in the grand stand for dimanche gras anyway, so why not use it for Panorama?


Even if no one likes this idea, Corey...keep on thinking !

So solutions take time and discussion..just keep visioning.

Setting up for stage for each band is NOT problematic. Where you got this info. from?

Small bands are treated like this because of the panttrinbago fool who decide to follow the mas band system. The fool also follow the mas bands system by putting pan on truck also. Hence the reason for NO pan on the roads on carnival Monday and Tuesday.

No small band, join medium with large.

Lastly, fans need a break to get drinks, use the restroom, hang with their posse, etc.

Leave everything as is and get rid of the 'greens and pool'. Take all this crap to the venue when they have classical pan.

I disagree. I have attended Panorama, and I grew up watching Carnival and Panorama videos every year that he could get a copy from home.  It has ALWAYS been a problem when announcers have to quiet a commotion so a band on stage can commence.  Now that PT has sanctioned silly disruptive events backstage for the last few years with DJs and sound systems and paddling pools, I'm certain that the problem is worse than what I remember.

Just the mere fact that PT has been sanctioning fetes in the Savannah during Panorama is indication enough that something is wrong.  They should be sanctioning more pan.  The only way to do that is in between performances on the big stage.

When you are on de drag, the transition between bands doesn't feel like a problem.  But in my estimation, it takes about 20 minutes for a changeover from one large band to the next.  When I was there in 03, I believe the time limit for a song was 10 minutes, and I understand when I first saw Panorama recordings in the mid 80s, it was 12 minutes.  Now it's only 8 minutes.  For the spectator, they hear 20 minutes of recording and announcements and "please refrain from drumming in the North Stand" or the modern "the next band is about to begin once the DJ in the paddling pool turns down his sound system", and can then listen to 8 minutes of magic.  As a spectator, that 20 minutes is a long time.

Instead of a paddling pool and DJ, wouldn't a stage in each corner of the Savannah, sending a signal around to all the stages be better?  Listen to one or two other bands in the time that the stage you are sitting at is changing over?  I'm sure people would choose then to go bathroom or bar then, but at least it wouldn't be between every band… they might stay in their seats and watch the jumbotron.  Heck, patrons may stay all day at the Savannah, not come and go, but stay the whole time and spend more money on food, booze, souvenirs.  Maybe tuners would even set up and have an inventory to sell to people right there.  But at least the small bands would get in on the big ticket treated with some importance.

What about a revolving stage - would that help in solving some of the problems in setting up  the stage for each band?

There must be some innovative ideas floating around.  Nothing is set in stone.

Or maybe a gigantic conveyor belt... The next band coming off the drag could be setting up off to the side during the preceding band's performance. Then, once the song is done, both bands would just slide right over.

I will say I'm not too interested in seeing a band remotely, on a jumbotron. I go to Panorama to see and hear the bands in person, not on a screen, small bands included. If they were to spread the bands to all corners of the Savannah, I'd probably spend all day sprinting back and forth.

Conveyor belt? The one in Piarco burst every minute, and we talking about suitcases here, And you talking about one for steelband? When this thing break, you would not be able to fix until the next few months, maybe the following year.


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