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Open Letter to Keith Diaz, Pan Trinbago’s new President

by Khalick Hewitt

Mr. Diaz, congratulations to you as Pan Trinbago new president and your administration that were duly elected on October 25, 2009. I want to thank all the steelbands and their representatives who participated in this historical change for Pan Trinbago. I extend to you and your administration my best wishes and swish you success in your tenure for 2009-2012. I also want to wish former president Mr. Patrick Arnold all the best and thank him for his services to the steelband movement over the years. I hope that he continues to contribute to Pan Trinbago and the steelband movement. This vote demonstrates how far steelbands have come when they can change leaderships in a democratic method. Now, comes the hard part for you and the steelbands.

Mr. Diaz, I read your statements to the press on October 28, 2009 and I compliment you for a good start. You said that you saw pan as an important part of Trinbago’s culture and that you wanted to make pan an important product. That is a good mission. It is important that you continue to communicate with the public as it builds respect for Pan Trinbago. It is my desire to see you and Pan Trinbago succeed. As a panologist* with strong steelband roots (City Syncopators, Joyland Synco, All Stars and Boston Symphony) I shall be encouraging and complimenting you and your administration. But, will not remain silent if you stray from the best interests of the steelband movement. I will constructively criticize you when you fail to uphold the objectives of Pan Trinbago and the steelband movement.

Mr. Diaz, you mentioned stakeholders and “the necessity of showcasing pan as a tourism product.” By your count, there are 300 steelbands in Trinbago. Those steelbands should support your list of goals and objectives. The repairing of Pan Trinbago will take time and you only have three years to set your agenda on the road. If you intend to lead Pan Trinbago to a new beginning and deliver a world body organization, here are four items that you must immediately address:

Completion and Naming of the new Carnival Center.
Building Pan Trinbago Headquarters.
Updating Pan Trinbago web site.
Transparency of Pan Trinbago.

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non out of the four have been adequately.


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