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People I would like to know what you all think about WST? the reason for this question is,  today I saw on fb comments made by people that I find negative, so I would like to get the opinion of others. 

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WST has provided most anything I want to know about the Steelbands and Steelpan, They have help me rekindle relations with people I knew from my pan days and  had the pleasure of making new friends, some I've met and others I hope to met.

Apart from being the largest pan site, I have an opportunity to contribute and comment on what goes on In the forum which I enjoy. I have no desire to be an advocate of anything or be a part of any group.

I am thankful for a forum where I can voice MY opinion.

Cecil Bro. I totally Agree. Well Said.

I find it generally informative and am glad to have recordings and up-to-the-minute developments, especially at Carnival time.

Been on WST just over a year now. I think it's great it has allowed me to connect with some pan buddies I haven't seen in over four decades. I have also made a lot of new friends. I get to upload videos and also view other great pan videos, have discussions where we can agree or disagree as friends .get to kid around , get to pay respect when someone passes away whether we knew them of not , some of the best friends I have met on WST I have never met in person but I feel like I have known them a long time . WST is the best site if you love pan. The only thing I would like to see is more participation from the members. It's only a few who do, so start getting involved members , show that you care . All in all its a great site, so for me its top shelf for WST ***** Blessings .
WST has provided me with everything I need to know about pan. I've been with WST for quite sometime and I have nothing but positive things to say. Keep up the good work.

It seems to me that some judge WST based on what goes on in the forum, this is unfair because the majority of it's membership enjoy the OTHER services they provide without being in the forum.

Their neutrality about what goes on in the forum is needed because it gives the freedom for to debate any topic with fear of "big  brother"

Not promoting any agenda guarantee them longevity.

Without WST, pan lovers would still be in the "dark ages" concerning updates, information and events about our National instrument. It is great that someone has taken it upon themselves to promote and inform the masses about what goes on in the pan movement.... could you imagine where we would be if we had to wait on PanTrinbago for this information ...

That's rubbing it in PT face Jerry. lol but you are correct.

True-wether you live in Trinidad or elsewhere. WST shares the information about events past, present and future.The work it does , (and keeping a site like this current is plenty HARD WORK),is invaluable. But it's the  love of  pan and its people  that keeps it going. 

By the way "When Steel Talks-everybody listens"is part of its Logo. Unauthorized use is a copyright infringement.Sue them?

When I think of When Steel Talks I feel deep deep gratitude to those who conceived of this idea and actually produced it successfully. It have brought immense joy to my heart because of the access it has given me to steelband music, events, communities and the knowing of how wide and deeply our instrument and music has spread across this world. Seeing how other cultures have adopted, embraced, loved it provides me with an antidote to what I interpret as the disregard, disdain, abuse, and the insults steelband, pannists, founders, supporters appear to me to be receiving in Trinidad (I was going to type Tobago, but I get a different vibe from Tobago on this). I am heading for age 70 and so you know I have been in and around steelbands since the 1940's and so I remember the struggles, the victories, the arising of genius, the embrace of sweetness, the elevating to the despised ex-slaves, the loving of the "badjohn" into expressing the beauty of their hearts in the music. WST reminds us that we have survived all this and will do so again, that role is crucial to keeping our invention alive and lively.

When Steel talks is my life line through which all this memory, this love, this sweetness is funneled into my heart and holds me up as Trinidadian outside of the land of my birth. I get the opportunity to be current with all that is happening; the inventions; the ideas, the hopes, the betrayals and everything in between easily and continuously. I can listen to the music, hook into Trinidad's steelband music scene; check out the international arena all because of this website.

So I think that WST is far more than people's negative comments, far more than people's positive comments, much more that any of that.  It is way above the maddening crowd in my mind.This is how I feel.

Jennifer Ire, I feel yuh gyrl, WST is bigger than all of us. Nice comment.

WST is the World Governing Authority on Pan. Without WST We Won't know Spit about What's Going on in the Pan World.


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