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Good afternoon..What time is best for me to reach to at least catch the first band? Blessed

Very good question Kefentse. I cannot be there, but is anxiously awaiting the live internet feed.

I may have read commencing at 9:00 EST. 

doors open at 6.... starts at 8
Good luck to all the bands..
Indeed all the bands will need to be at their very best tonight. The Panorama is an open one. Anybody can win. Of note is the fact that champion arrangers from T&T are in the mix together with NY's Andre White and Canada's Al Foster. So it should be an excellent experience in steel. The players are also at the top of their game. They can play well and phrase well. Good luck.

No Steel-X-Plosion smh!

no steel sensation?

HELP...I need to see this panorama. Every year is the same old thing.


           There is a paid link $12.00.



           I am on, the first band is setting up now

how do I pay this money? 12ttorus?

call me 316-9483


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