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The Era of Own Tune in Panorama is Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past. This Year  Most of the Wise Bands Went to Panorama with Popular Soca Pieces and Were Successful

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With all due respect....

This is the Babylon of which I speak up above ... the idea that the folk music can be captured... or that the artist has to hide in dark corners and manipulate an outcome from behind the scenes...

As I mentioned, the artist may cooperate in this kind of commercially or politically motivated venture, but his M-U-S-E may not go along. If he made a pact at the crossroads that may be a different matter.

When Babylon comes knocking, each artist must consider and decide for himself.

The comfort in all this is that the art-form is greater than the individual artist. A folk art is not as easily captured as a record label with a stable of "talent" that may be brought under contract and manipulated. Rap and hip-hop was long ago captured in that way by Babylon. Folk art is another matter.

-Big Sid

Big Sid
I understand what your are saying and agree with you. But in terms of the modern artistes like the Soca artistes and Hip Hop, Rap and so, although come from the folklore the artistes have modified that folklore themselves and not just the record companies. The artiste desires to make money and lots of it. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in this. So they choose to do a little deviation work in order to have a good living standard is a mixture of the material and spiritual energies. We have had this discussions before. My take on it is nothing in this world is good or bad. Good can be turned into bad and bad can be turned into good. The spiritual alchemist takes the bad and turn it into good. Doesn't he or she? Being successful today includes having sufficient money and moving with the in crowd. Especially for artistes and top producers of art forms must do this otherwise their work however folk good it is will not be recognized. We are living in the material world. Not the spiritual one. However we as souls are spiritual beings experiencing a material one where survival is the fittest. This means both spiritual survival and material survival must be well balanced. If one of them superseded the other the balance goes off. The secret therefore is to have both energies at one's disposal in balanced proportions. Why? because that is our present circumstances and creation. We are both spiritual beings as well as material beings. So we will need money, family, a home, enough food, enough spiritual ideas in order to create material folklore that earns us a living. Folklore has to pay the bills as well my friend. It isn't as long ago where we only do folklore for the love of it. That is insufficient material as well as spiritual energies now in this age. It must be more on both sides of the coin. Balance therefore is all it takes.


Assuredly you cannot worship God and Mammon. On that the word of God is clear.

Lucifer in the garden gave a seductive pitch to Eve, similar in kind if not in specifics, to what you here suggest. He directly contradicted God, Eve was deceived, and we know how that worked out.

I can preach a long sermon here but I'll desist for obvious reasons. Let us instead simply agree to disagree.

Let every reader consider the matter. Or not, as they choose.

-Big Sid

You can only serve and worship God through the proper use of Mammon. Mammon is also God's creation. It is not Lucifer's own. There isn't any Lucifer. Why give someone other than God such power. The material worlds are created by God. Drugs both good and bad ones, sex either in marriage or outside of marriage is God's creation. Money is God's creation. The material bodies both sexy and "unsexy" are God's creation. There is no lucifer. Why are you giving power to something that does not exist. The spiritual alchemy is to transform God''s material energy which is a creation of His, so that souls like us when we desired to live independently of God we are sent here by God. Not Lucifer. That does not exist. Only God exist both in His spiritual energy and material energy. The time has past for such a foolish philosophy of Lucifer and the Devil. It is God only in both His spiritual energy and material energy. We are souls which are part of his eternal spiritual energy. We chose to come to God's material kingdom which is temporary and inferior to His spiritual world. The soul has the entire gift of God to redo its chosen position in the human form of life, by choosing the spiritual energy to which it belongs. The souls are complete personalities as old as God Himself. If we want a better life in God simply we can change our consciousness towards God. There is no lucifer who entraps us. Our own minds entraps us. The time for lucifer theories have long gone. That does not exist. Only God exist. Know this factually.


I am an ol' nigga in my consciousness. You  cannot convince an ol' nigga, in his right ol' nigga mind, that the devil, or satan, or Lucifer, does not exist.

Lucifer is the proper name of the angel that led the rebellion against the Most High. "Satan" is actually not a proper name, but a common noun,  that literally means adversary, or accuser. "Devil" likewise is not a proper name, but a noun that literally means "dual", or "double", and etymologically is  the root of the  verb, to "dabble".

The ol' nigga  seed is God's chosen seed on earth, the seed of Jacob. All the prophets of Holy Scripture are of the seed of  Jacob. 

Likewise, there is a chosen seed of Lucifer, that the Bible calls the "synagogue of Satan"; Revelation 2:9, 3:9. They are our inverted dual, or devils, literally.

Lucifer uses his devils to bring destruction to God's chosen seed, and thereby the whole earth. Lucifer is a satan, or the Satan, the one that accuses us before God, whenever he has succeeded in his various  temptations.

In Mammon, --or money, fame, power, and the other lusts of this world, -- lies an endless variety of sources of temptation.

Yes, Lucifer has succeeded very well in tempting and ensnaring many of the ol' nigga seed. That is why the Most High sent us into captivity, in particular via the trans-Atlantic slave trade; Deuteronomy 28:68.

Lucifer in the meanwhile rules the earth, and is given free rein; Job 9:24. He deceives the whole earth. One of his deceptions is to convince the world that he does not exist. For to acknowledge his existence is a first step in developing the discernment to reject his temptations. As Paul said, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood"; Ephesians 6:12.

Another one of his deceptions is to convince the world that God does not exist. Time Magazine famously had an issue with the question on the front cover: "Is God dead?". Lucifer could wish... for his ultimate end in the  lake of fire is already written; Revelation 20:10.

But as I said, no agent of Lucifer, --that is, none of his "devils" (literally),-- can convince any ol' nigga, in his right ol' nigga mind, that he does not exist. The essence of ol' nigga consciousness is to deal in Truth. That may be why Music seems to be so much a gift of Jacob's children. For the essence of good music is Truth. The maestro in his right ol' nigga mind knows when the music is not true. He can zero in on one guy in a band of 100 players, who is hitting the wrong note, or is "outta timing". Do you  understand? That is an ol'  nigga gift. That is why Boogsie, and many others, does not need formal musical training to excel even as maestro.

Now... follow me here ... the ol' nigga that is out of his ol' nigga mind, may well succumb to Lucifer's temptation. They may  go to the  crossroads to make a pact seeking extra powers to bring greater fame or fortune; the story of blues legend Robert Johnson is the well-known example of that. Any number of them in rap and hip-hop and other genres are signing pacts in blood. They are weak. They are out of their right ol' nigga mind. And they in due course find,  or will find, that all the fame, money, sex and power is not worth the soul they must surrender to an end in the lake of fire with Lucifer. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCYR_94bMc. That such pacts are made in itself is the proof of Lucifer's existence... thank you for following me.

It is also the proof that you can't even convince an ol' nigga that is out of his right ol' nigga mind, that Lucifer does not exist... let alone an ol' nigga such as I that is very much in his right ol' nigga mind...

Here is something that my ol' nigga brethren must come to understand and embrace implicitly: We are children of Jacob, the chosen seed of God. It is because of *our* failure to keep God's covenant with us that the world is in the Luciferian mess that it's in. The good in that is that we are being taught a lesson that ultimately will be to the benefit of a remnant of us, and of the rest of humanity.

Notwithstanding our failure, the understanding of true doctrine is reserved to us. No gentile, no heathen, no idolater, has any wisdom or understanding to transmit to the ol' nigga that is in his right ol' nigga mind. That is as its written:

"He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel. <b><i>He hath not dealt so with any nation</i></b>: and as for his judgments, they have not known them." (Psalms 147:19-20).

So my dear Sidd, take your deception, or possibly mere confusion, elsewhere. You will not fool the elect, and certainly not an ol' nigga in the Truth, and in his right ol' nigga mind.

-Big Sid

PS. Btw, those who have a stake in the folk-art of pan should look with horror at what Lucifer has done to rap/hip-hop, and resolve that the same not happen here.

There is no such thing as an old nigga. There is no such thing as a black man. There is no such thing as a white man. There is no such thing as Hindu man. There is no such thing as a Christian man. There is no such thing as a Moslem man. There is no such thing as a Jewish man. There is no such thing as a religious man. A man of African descent is not superior to a man of European, Indian, Chinese or other race descent. No human being is superior to another human being.
All bodies are made of the same blood and flesh, stool and urine. No one is superior here in the material world. A rich man is not superior to a poor man. A poor man is not superior to a rich man. everyone here are equals regardless of the bodies they each have. The bodies will get old and die. and everyone will have to leave God's wealth behind. the coffin is too small to carry God's riches which temporarily came their way. No one is awarded the same type of body in a next life. Bodies are changed around from black in complexion to white in complexion and changed around in all colors and shades of black or white or brown as we call it. We are all fools in the material world. We are all prisoners in the prison house of God. The material world is the prison house of God. The planet earth is just a speck in the material world. There are millions of earthly planets. There are millions of hellish planets. There are,millions of heavenly planets. There are millions of scriptures (includes university knowledge) made up by man. All this is called temporary consciousness or some call it illusion. It is temporary consciousness until one discovers that one is actually a particle of the Supreme. That particle shines millions of times more brighter than the sun we see. Why? It's a God particle. It's not an old nigga mind or any of the descriptions I gave above. Everyone is a minute particle of God right down to the worm in stool. That particle must be found and that is where both spiritual and material wealth exist. You are not an old nigga. Your are a beautiful spark of the brightest of lights of God. You are God incarnate in that form. Don't look elsewhere for a redeemer. You simply have to dig deep inside you. Your old nigga mind and body will vanish into thin air at the time of your death but you, the brightest of lights in all of God's universe will remain.

Now it is your desire to be an old nigga. So in that sense you think you are an old nigga. All the types of bodies described above and even down to a worm in stool are provided by God Himself. Not Lucifer or the Devil. The soul proposes and the Supersoul awards accordingly. But before the Supersoul awards the soul, the Supersoul advises the soul that the soul should desire spiritual bodies and remain in the spiritual skies of the Supersoul's Kingdom. Some take that advise. Others insist that they want to come to the material world and wonder around in various types of abominable bodies. Some desiring to be an old nigga as a gangster and killing one another, others desire to be an ol nigga as a preacher man believing in the power of Lucifer and the Devil and also believing in God like you. That is your personal desire. The millions of souls that you see on the planet are desiring to be other descriptions as we see their bodies and knowledge base factors. The soul is a minute God but is totally dependent of God's spiritual and material energies. At the same time the soul is totally independent in its desiring. God advises all souls to make a choice between desiring to come to this miserable material world and desire all types of miserable bodies whether old nigga of black color, old nigga of white color, old nigga of brown and the whole range of colors available. We see them as well all over the planet. On this planet the colors are are various and multifarious right down to the worms in stool. But in each of those bodies there lies a particle of God- the soul. The secret of life is to again find that particle and use that particle to shine its brightest of lights first towards its own self and if it does this in a sincere way. that light shines towards souls who desire to use its real God power. in this way it spread now. It's like the sun in essence but better than the sun. We are spiritual suns and sons and daughters of God. This is the full description of who we are. Nothing to do with our out covering (space suit). I am one such soul who uses my real God power. In this way I am spiritually and materially protected. I understand sincerely what you are saying but it still falls within the category of temporary material knowledge and illusion. There are so many types of knowledge from various scriptures in the whole of God's material world, not only on this planet. But they fall within the temporary explanations and illusions of life. Whereas one does not have to go through all those knowledge bases. The soul contains the eternal and true knowledge within because it is a particle of the Supersoul (God) who is also witnessing within us as well. Both the Supersoul and soul are eternity, knowledge and bliss and we all have actual spiritual forms which are extensions of ourselves here. But in the material prison house that we are in, we are limited by our material bodies which are temporary and changeable from one form to the other. In order to uses those extensions we will have to reconnect our earthly consciousness, our old nigga consciousness to the real consciousness of God . Nothing remains the same here eternally. Have you noticed that? Scriptures of the world point to this type of spiritual knowledge in minute ways and in code but the soul has to unravel it from within. Not from without. It also can be done without the use of hearing or reading it. In this way the dumb, deaf and blind can understand it. There lies the difference between our understandings. Now people can accept what appeals to them.

I took a look at the video you placed. There are two systems provided in this material world. Why? Virtually there are two personalities in each human being. One personality is the real spirit soul and the other personality is the false identity of being the body and the mind. This second one is also alive but alive only until the first real one is awakened. There are two systems of survival. There are two systems of attracting and using wealth which is God's wealth only. There is no Lucifer or Devil who owns the wealth. There are two systems of attracting. This is why it is world of duality. One way is through fear. Fear is related directly to one's thinking of the false identity of being the body, mind and intelligence. One is thinking I am black, I am an ol nigga, I am white etc. So long as one thinks that way fear comes from the use of the false identity of the material designation. This fear is fear of God and fear of Mammon/Lucifer/Devil. Fear of God is due to not understanding that we are minute particles of God. So we end up fearing even our own bodies. mind and intelligence. Where there is fear there is an underlying principle of wanting to protect ourselves. Wanting to protect ourselves means lack of real confidence of who we are. So someone desires to be a big time movie star goes on the mission of begging for a position in the movie industry. Begging means one does not know when one begs , one is handed out charity but for favors from other beggars who are also suffering from fear. So that is the material system of attracting wealth. One can become wealthy by that method but then one has to continue fearing others who can easily call back the wealth that was passed to the beggar. A thief from thief makes God laugh system. He laughs because the beggars are disappointing him. God never cries and feels sorry for the souls. He allows the souls to suffer for that is the only way they will one day learn. In that way wealth traps the fearful beggars more and more. When they die, the wealth can't go with them and again they are born poor somewhere else. The second system is one of spiritual reality through the process of love instead of fear. One has to love God with all heart and soul and love thy neighbor as thyself. But this can only be done by recognition of thyself as soul and particle of God. Now from that platform one can attract wealth of God to be used in the service of God. That is a fearless system. Instead it is a reflector system. At this level one does not have to beg anyone. The universes becomes your servant. So one can enter the movie system in this way and not be affected by any of the begging effects of giving and receiving. One will be protected by oneself and also by God Himself. This is called uniting with God but still being separate individuals. That is the system of attaining anything one wants but it must be used in the service of God else it immediately turns into the begging system of fear.( spiritual alchemy) There is no lucifer or Devil which leads anything in God;s kingdoms. What is happening is the soul if not used consciously allows the false ego the pseudo soul of mind, body an intelligence to do the thinking. The mind can be one's worst enemy or one's best friend. It will be one;s worst enemy if the soul is not recognized. It will be one's best friend as long as the soul is recognized. That's all there is to it. These fear based philosophies such as fear God and fear the Devil were written by fear based individuals and passed off as scriptural knowledge. Real spiritual knowledge comes directly from the soul and Supersoul already within us. The soul cannot be burnt. die, get corrupted, damaged etc. It is a particle light of the Supreme which we were given by God himself. One cannot realize God without first realizing oneself as the soul proper. As soon as one realizes himself or herself as soul, fear goes through the wind in thin air. The love of life and God become the real focus and not these fear based philosophies. Don't get me wrong they do exist but they are meant to frighten the already frightened. Its like a child seeing a demonic mas on carnival days. Of course the child would be frightened because he/she has not fully developed. Similarly one is not developed and out of fear until one has realized the soul as a particle of God. It's not just knowledge of the soul but there must be actual realizations of feelings of love for oneself and others and knowing who is to be trusted and who is acting as a thief and rapper. You can see one and feel one with your spiritual feelings. It will show up. Their system is one of fear and false ego not love. So why go to beg from thieves and rappers? That is all that is going on. Don't blame any lucifer or devil. Blame oneself for being a fool despite having enough armor from God within you. That is why God laughs. Then He says what a fool you are. God has given us everything yet we want to develop a fear for Him and fear of an illusory Lucifer that does not really exist. The lucifer is really one's own mind that thinks the he or she is this or that other than the soul proper. That's the real enemy, ones own mind acting as the false soul and false identity. Correct that and one corrects everything else. Say 2 and 2 is equal to 3, then 3+3 =6 then 6+ 6 =12. Is that correct. No a first mistake was already made. Correct the first mistake and all others on account of that first error will be automatically corrected. That is the system of real God consciousness now in this age. Tt is love not fear based system. Love is not sex. Love is love of God, others and oneself as coming from the same source regardless of the material body. So there is black consciousness illusions, white consciousness illusions and other ethnic and race illusions. All wrong. Correct that.


"That is the system of real God consciousness now in this age."

Thank you for your Luciferian doctrine in contradiction to God. As wrong as it is, I want no part of it.  

God's law is perfect. Lucifer  in his rebellion broke it, and inspired others to break it, which is why we have death, destruction, corruption, slavery, oppression and every other ill in the world.

To teach us a lesson, God has given Lucifer (almost) free rein on the earth; Job 9:24. We see the result.  

We the chosen seed, especially, see the result of listening to, and worse, adhering to the wrong-thought of men to whom God had not revealed the holy oracles. That applies to you, and the "wisdom" tradition on which you rely. e sadhus, swamis and other alleged holy men of India, and wherever else, really have nothing to teach the children of Jacob.  

You said at first that Lucifer does not exist. That is clear contradiction of the word of God, who has given the earth into his hand (Job 9:24), and already consigned him to the lake of fire as his ultimate end (Revelation 20:10). And there is any amount of evidence of Faustian pacts and Robert Johnson type contracts at the crossroads, that those desiring fame, fortune, sex, power and whatever else, may make with Lucifer.

Now you say there is no such thing as an "old nigga". You of course miss my meaning. In the first place, an "old nigga" and an "ol' nigga" are  two different things in the language. You obviously don't know the distinction, which disqualifies you from presuming to preach on the matter.

Nevertheless, you press on to preach a doctrine with which every "nigga", --ol' nigga or otherwise,-- is familiar...  the doctrine of "all o' we is one". There is no this, no that, no the other .... all o' we iz de same. All we need is LOVE.

That raises the hackles of this ol' nigga in his right ol' nigga mind. Why? Because it is untrue. I have no problem with more LOVE. I have no problem with a social compact that gives to each citizen equal rights before God and man. God's law has no problem with that.  For all their faults, the Americans at least say "E pluribus unum" (out of many, one), acknowledging difference, even while striving to achieve equality (not of result they say but of opportunity). You, on the other hand, against all the evidence of our senses, preach the non-existence of difference! Yarite.

I tried to define in a simple way what ol' nigga consciousness is. In a word it is adherence to TRUTH. Truth is not opposed to love. But love that is not based on truth is no love in reality. Therefore, truth is a superior virtue.

This is why political correctness is insidious in its danger. It invites lies and hypocrisy, in all their corrosiveness, as a way to avoid the unpleasantness often associated with TRUTH.

Scripture is clear. Bitter truth is to be preferred over sweet lies. An ol' nigga is his right ol' nigga mind will be clear on that. If you have to break a pan player's sticks and put him out because he just doesn't have what it takes to be in the band, then so be it. In that sense, music is a metaphor for truth. In music, you know when you don't have truth, because something will be off. So you fix it and try again. Same in mathematics, btw. But I digress.

It is wrong both as to fact, and as to doctrine, that all-o-we-iz-one, and there is no difference. Any fair-minded person, with neither guile nor malice in his make-up, may look around, ee, and ACCEPT, difference. To  accept difference, and to preach the virtue of accepting difference, is not the same as denying difference.  

No ol' nigga maestro ever put someone out of a band because of what they were, or were not, as to differences of ethnic origin or seedline. That is an enduring virtue of the folk art that is pan. And it goes the other way. People like Bobby Mohammed and Jit Samaroo didn't have to worry that they were "Indian" in an ol' nigga environment, The ol' niggas in the band didn't care. Nobody asked Jit to be less "Indian".

God divided the nations in the days of Peleg.  Later, He put difference between the children of Israel and all others. He ordained that his holy prophets would come from the seed of Jacob. He ordained that his priests would come from the seed of Levi, and more particularly that the high priests would come from the seed of Aaron. He ordained  also that the kings would come from the line of David.

These are rules of order, based on difference. They do not invite unfair discrimination, nor do they assert the superiority of Israel. For God also ordained that we ought not to "vex or oppress the stranger"; Exodus 22:21. Of one thing we may be certain: God hates oppression. That is clear throughout Scripture. Therefore, the existence of difference need not imply nor require racial or tribal oppression.

One does not complain because one is excluded under the rule of succession, from becoming king/queen of the United Kingdom. That too is a rule of order, not an assertion of superiority/inferiority. Elizabeth does not have to be superior in her person to be worthy of being monarch. Otherwise you have chaos and disorder in the contention for power. 

It is the same reason God made it clear to whom is given the oracles of God, out of all the seedlines in His creation. That distinction is given to the seedline of Jacob. Otherwise anybody can claim a pipeline to God when in fact they're making up stuff. As you  do.

Not  every son of Jacob has a pipeline to God, but God has made it clear to the children of Jacob that they *never* have to look outside the tribes of Israel to know and understand true doctrine.

That is the inheritance of the ol' nigga. Ol' nigga consciousness is being true to that.

It emerges in only a small way in the way steelpan developed. In a positive way, it was a dedication to truth, as demanded by the development and perfection of the instrument, and of the musical genre to which it was applied. In a negative way, the ol' nigga "mentality", as opposed to "consciousness", sometimes expressed itself in violence: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, ask no quarter and give none. It comes as a package. No one is perfect, least of all a ol' nigga that is out of his right ol' nigga mind. In spite of the negative aspect, no one can suggest that the ol' nigga was other than a man with largeness of spirit. It was that largeness of spirit that allowed the "missionaries" of pan to take it successfully all over the world.

Now comes Lucifer to jump on the bandwagon and steer it off the rails. That he has already successfully done with rap/hip-hop, and other musical genres. Pan is more resistant to it, precisely because it developed as a folk art.

Of course Lucifer will come preaching sweetness and light, love and beauty, and allo'we-ism. But not far behind comes promise of fame and fortune, money and mammon, politics and commerce. You are the preacher of the goodness and inevitability of all that. "In this age". As if God's law and doctrine must modify itself to accommodate Lucifer.

Here is the deal for the ol' nigga seed of Jacob. We got sent into slavery and captivity precisely because, like Eve, we succumbed to the temptations of Lucifer. One of the curses we would suffer, precisely, was to find ourselves worshipping every other god but the Most High, and joining all kinds of gentile man-made religions, all in vain; Deuteronomy 28:64;. The result is that we are objectively at the bottom of every society to which we were scattered, all-o'-we-is-one doctrine to the contrary notwithstanding.

One must appreciate the irony. Here it is, God gave to us the role of being the custodians and decoders of His Holy Word, of being the prophets through whom the word is given. Yet, we have listened to, and gone along with every agent of man-made Luciferian religious-ism, liberalism, paganism, atheism, secularism, spiritualism, and now secular all-o-we-is-one-ism.

What must we do? Get back into one's right ol' nigga mind, that's what! Then, all the blandishments of  Lucifer, in all their multifarious variety, will be seen immediately for what they are: outta tune, outta timing, and ultimately unTRUE. 

I regret Sidd that whether wittingly or unwittingly, you are preaching man-made Luciferian doctrine. If as you say elsewhere, Boogsie agrees with "everything" you say, I for one am not surprised that his music seems to be going off the rails. That's his wake-up call. He needs to get back to his true ol' nigga mind and consciousness. Or else.

- Big Sid

Make sense but Boogsie tried this with Machel , remember Magic Drum. He also had collabs with Super Blue.

I truly believe we seeing a shift here where 'soca' songs becomes more melodic and arrangers will use them for Panorama. We can thank Zanda for starting the trend.

Zanda starting the trend?

Machel, Denyse, SuperBlue, Black Stalin all SANG Boogsie's COMPOSITIONS. Ask Cecil.

The man has been composing on an annual basis his tunes for Ph II for over 40 years.

ALLYUH holding WAKE and FUNERAL for the "OWN TUNE" way too prematurely!!!

Never, Never! All Boogsie has to do is compose a soca tune(and he can) get a popular singer and come out earlier. He has proven that he can arrange any style. Remember when he won ALL zones and national in one year(1988) and also the pan around the neck(Skiffle Bunch) with emphasis on different genres of arrangement. So this idea of 'own tunes out' is just by the way..


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