Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “After forty-two (42) uninterrupted years of positivity and community empowerment, the Pamberi Panyard’s ‘safe space’ was violated by a shooting incident yesterday [November 15, 2022] afternoon at approximately 4.30 p.m. In the incident, one young man unfortunately lost his life and two others were injured. While, neither the incident, nor the persons involved, were linked to the operations of Pamberi Steel Orchestra, the fact that it occurred in our panyard space strikes at the core of our existence and projection.

“In response therefore, the Pamberi Steel Orchestra will immediately institute various security measures, in conjunction with the San Juan police station, under which jurisdiction the band falls. While Pamberi acknowledges that the panyard has historically been a community space, changes will be instituted to ensure that the band’s core mandates of music, youth and community empowerment can be implemented in a safe and enabling environment.

“Pamberi also acknowledges it will take time and tangible proactive measures to rebuild confidences that have been compromised by such a serious and tragic incident. Our forty-two (42) years of battling against the odds and prevailing, give us the confidence we can meet this challenge and emerge stronger for it. At this time, however, we will need the support of all of our very many friends, supporters and collaborators and we will be reaching out to you in short order to discuss ways in which we can transform tragedy into triumph.

“Finally the Pamberi Steel Orchestra will also like to take this opportunity to urge our nation’s youth to press the pause button, take a longer view of whatever immediate daily challenges they face and resist the temptation to give in to the types of reflex actions that are cutting short too many young lives.”

Pamberi Steel Orchestra

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