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Pan Alive may well be alive this year but it could be wounded due to a dispute between the leaders of the two largest steel bands and Ontario Steelpan Association (OSA) over funding.

The annual presentation by OSA slated for July 31 at Lamport Stadium is a significant and popular event during Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival

“Dead!” said an adamant Wendy Jones, leader of Pan Fantasy, an 80-member core mobile steel band, when asked if the event will happen as scheduled.

However, Ken Bhagan, OSA board chair, and Dwight Belgrove, board band rep for St. Jamestown Youth Centre Steel Orchestra, both adamantly stated Pan Alive will happen as planned, whether any bands pull out or not.

Jones told The Camera as we went to press late Tuesday that “OSA failed to help the bands financially. As for the Festival Management Committee (FMC) – they have no money.”

She said the payments offered by OSA are lower this year and they are still waiting to be paid for last year. As for the prize money from last year, “We are still waiting.”

Jones and Earl St. Pierre of Afropan Steel Band are unhappy with the contractual offer from OSA this year to each band which provides a $1,200 appearance fee, $500 for transportation and a further 20% of each Pan Alive ticket they sell to a maximum $2,000 and then 5% for each ticket sold after that.

Those two leaders have easily the largest steel bands that traditionally perform at Pan Alive and suggest that if they refuse to appear this year, it will significantly reduce the appeal of the show. They say that Sillohettes, Metrotones and New Dimensions steel bands are also unhappy with the payment offered by OSA.

La Pierre said if a larger payment is not offered, his steel band will not perform at Pan Alive. Neither Jones nor La Pierre have signed the contracts currently offered, they said.

Jones said steel bands with up to 100 players each have annual expenses including transportation, trucks, paying arrangers and tuners.

Bhagan said, “Pan Alive is the only gated event for OSA. So the steel bands are paid based on the receipts from Pan Alive.” He noted that the Pan Alive payment structure was passed by the OSA board. Jones is vice-chair of that board.

She also expressed dissatisfaction, as did La Pierre, with the $6,000 per band offered by OSA for participating in the Aug. 1 Grand Parade during Carnival. La Pierre took issue as well with OSA’s plan to make those payments after the parade, arguing that bands need the funds beforehand to cover costs.

OSA has about $89,000 this year from FMC to pay bands that march in the parade.

“We spend over $25,000 over the summer here at Pan Fantasy and they are giving us $6,000. That’s the reason why we do several events, because we need to pay our bills,” Jones said.

Jones, a recipient of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) Harry Jerome Award for Entertainment 2015, said, “The OSA handed out contracts at a meeting last Saturday – the first meeting since 2014 Pan Alive – and we have no intention to sign them.”

Bhagan said Jones and La Pierre were not at that meeting.

La Pierre said, “We are about uplifting pan and the culture. So that’s the reason why we need the funding.”

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Regardless of whatever, all the steelbands should be on the same page, the other 3 bands that's mention should stand with Afro Pan and Pan Fantasy. We have to stick together to get respect.

All of these issues should have been dealt with before, it just makes the steelband look like after all these years they cannot negotiate a deal far less a contract, come on, it's just days before the event.

The way it looks to me it's like Mr Bhagan and Mr Belgrove feel they could have Pan Alive without the big bands. maybe as we speak they are lining up school bands to replace them.
This magnifies the need for the big bands to have good representation in OSA.

I certainly hope that after all is said and done, the remainder of the steelbands would stick with Afropan and Pan Fantasy and not show up. It appears that Mr.Bhagan is going to stick to his guns too, we will see who blinks first.I for one will not be paying $35.00 to listen to 2 small bands play in the Pan Alive, that's ridiculous.

And remember, Pan Fantasy has been picked to represent Canada in the World Panorama championships in August. How are they supposed to get their act together without the support from the OSA.... or does anyone even care. Salah's Steelpan Academy is also going to the Panorama in August, on his own.... you would think that the OSA would at least reach out to these people and give them the much needed support instead of holding back prize money from last year.....

I personally know of one other band, who asked questions and tried to clarify some points and they're now on the black list. They were told one thing at the last meeting and at the following meeting, things changed overnight. As I said before, these people have no accountability to the steelpan community whatsoever.I guess when you're the only game in town they can do whatever they please....

Another classic example of the lack of respect for the pan !

There is a lot more to be said about this situation. The information presented is only skimming the surface of Incompetence and dis -functionality
In part it is the failed policies of " I scratch your back and you scratch mine" amongst so-called "friends & allies" ...when this unravels. .....you get this type of in-fighting and airing of "dirty laundry" in the public.
Bottom line is that it is not good for pan.

I hope there is on going dialogue to address the issues that threatening 2015 Pan Alive.

Whey, Look Ting...

The "TING" is all these problems should have been dealt with during the year. Pan People has NO love for one another, this is why we always have problems.

Just ran across this association on the net.....anyone know who the Officers or membership are ?

"Pan Trinbago Steelband Association of Ontario"

Pan Trinbago Steelband Association of Ontario organizes concerts, workshops and festivals and runs several youth programs, including the annual summer Steelband Camp. Annual performance events include Pan Jazz and Pan Frenzy.

Ontario, Canada ?

Yeah.... that's it, who the hell are these people and who are their representitives.

@ Salah Wilson - I cannot agree with more well said - situations like this besides giving Pan a bad name also run Sponsors.


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