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by Wesley Gibbings

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - What do Panorama 2019 and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) obsession with “the future of work” have in common? Everything. There he goes again, you say: “Pan–the greatest thing we do” and all that stuff...

....We may soon also lose a virtual monopoly on the pan-tuning “industry”—we don’t call it that, but it is an industry. And, arranging for pan, though we have the best pan arrangers in the world right here, will slip through our fingers if we continue to focus solely on the Panorama competition to display the best.

I don’t necessarily need to go back 32 years to continue to assert that pan, in all its dimensions, offers to us and “the world of work” a way out of economic peril. We are already 100 years behind, but we can do this.

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Where is the link? I was looking for THE PUNCH as ANDY KAUFMAN used to say!!! I was in full rhythm trying to see where the argument was going ... and I don't feel like googling down this article right now.

Found it!!!



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