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I think its time Wiadica expand brooklyn Panorama they have so much single pan bands in brooklyn and smaller bands that have about 20- 30 players. Now more bands means for fans more income. Back in the day was about 16 bands taking part. now we cant even have 10 bands. Time for we to get a change. We should not just sit back and watch this thing die.

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I think it will die a slow death, it seems inevitable.

it has become increasingly difficult for bands to find places to practice.

Lots that were once available are now apartment buildings, etc.

but it’s not like we didn’t see this coming...

They have plenty spca in brooklyn with good practice but location and cost plays a big role, alos USSA should try and put every band with a school and see for them to use their school yard for practice space in the summer 

London and GospelPan: Write up a little review on what allyuh think about the PANORAMA PERFORMANCES, nah.

I am curious to hear what PAN LOVERS (and PAN MUSIC EXPERTS) like you and others think about the delivery of the various bands.

My honest opinion and this is how I judged the panorama not to take away from anyones arrangements. I await to read everyones opinion.

1  philly.

It has been a few years since I seen a band had the crowed begging fro more. remind me of when pantonic played trini. I hope the mics falling while the band was playing the judge didnt take it as a mistake

2. Despers or PASO  these to bands played great music and i was able to follow them with the song for start to finish. the hook of the song stood out in the music despers pans was well tuned I got the feel of Iron band from start to finish. like wise paso with their song.

4. Casym This band was well drilled you can hear it in the music, music was on point but song was lacking that make get out your seat and dance or make you want to sing along aspect. Also some where in the ending it sound like a clash went on with the drummer and the percussionist

5 Radoes Now band played well but not for 1st place, the players sounded more like they where playing to tune the pan or who can play the loudest, including the drummer at a point it sounded like the engine room took over the band, I have heard better music coming from bj and the band

6 Adlib  They had a sweet ending that was alsmost destroyed by the rhythm section. at times it did sound like the band was trying to keep up with the rhythm. the music was ok and i dont expect every band to have a iron solo for the song would be lame but would have been nice to hear the iron section stand out and not their percussionist 

7. Cross fire Arranger did well for his first time I felt he tried to to a lot with the song and in return it had parts that sounded like the band was fighting with them self. the band also didnt sound as a band that had a strong drill master to bring out some of the parts. Mind you not every arranger can drill a band  their background also sounded more heavy than their front line. I would say doggie should look into a drill master and also someone that will work with his youn arranger to say home some parts can change or made better 

8. Harmony well mike is trying and if mike makes that investment get new pans the band may do better but his pans sound almost like pans that are on their last leg and the tuner is trying to keep them alive.



Please come back after the TRINIDAD PANORAMA 2020 and do ANOTHER ONE LIKE THAT!!!

And BUGS think that he is the ONLY ONE who know about PAN MUSIC!!!


I read a lot and tend not to comment at times people forget that these things are everyones opinions and we take it personal. 

So London Gabriel: What is YOUR TAKE on the MIKES and the PANS?

Mike need to just invest in  new band by that I mean new pans from front to back. He had a conga man that played with his hand in the past panorama that is a 1st for me. also he needs to stick with an arranger sign 3 or 4 year contracts with them he had good arrangers but dont know why they leave. Duvon was with him, professor, dane, tellemack, Mark now with adlibto name a few. He had billy shedar doing his pans one time, so the issue is not the tuners its the pans also he plays the songs simillar to a tempo you will play on the raod for jouvert

 I so agree with that comment...Despers & Philly should have placed in that order & as long as the panorama continues to shrink in size I wii remain @ home with my $50 in my pocket. Thanks WST for the streamer!!

Well judged. You have it real, bro.

Same in TO The 6IX and London, UK...

There were many small steel bands in NY j'ouvert.


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