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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -Pan Trinbago has officially notified its membership - and the public - that due to a “fall in sponsorship,” a decision has been taken to shelve this year’s staging of the Pan Down Memory Lane and Pan in the 21st Century competitions customarily held in May.

Pan Trinbago will instead produce a show on June 18th 2011 with some of the past winners of Pan Down Memory Lane and Pan in the 21st Century competitions.
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This says it all. To all those doubters. Panorama is King and will remain so. People are only interested in Pan at Carnival time. Thats the time when all pan lovers can identify with their steelbands.Visitors from all over the World come to our shores to participate and enjoy our Panorama, no other pan competition  has that sway. I hope we could continue to love up, and support and even fight for our Panorama, because without Panorama pan will surely die. Give thanks that we still have our beloved Panorama and cherish it. Pan would be in danger if there is no more Panorama.
Will all due respect pan pal......this is certainly not something to be proud about.......Panorama is king and that's all good, but Panorama is doing just what you are happy about, and that is, limiting growth and development. If we forget everything else and focus on Panorama only, that is about pan surely dying, as is Steelband for Carnival. Steel band is almost extinct in Carnival, they no longer dominate the fetes, and very few make it on the road...so pan pal 21 century and memory lane not happening is another failure, not a plus, therefore its not something to be happy about
I agree. We need more support and sponsorship for festivals that promote pan in a way that shows it is not only about panorama. As a result of less self made restraints on arranging and less concern about what the judges want, these other festivals show and promote the true versatility of pan.

Please explain it to them for me , Tony.

I'm strongly resisting the urge to re-enter this discussion!

Come in...Come in...you know the deal, give them your views...too much dreaming and sleeping going on in Pan

I agree.  The monotony of Panorama is precisely what is killing musical innovation in pan, and I think that Memory Lane and 21st. Century helped to diversify pan's musical efforts, but they are still not enough (especially in the absence  of true music education utilising the instrument).




"Fall in spnsorship?" I dont remember this being a problem in previous years. Was it?  And why wouldn't sponsors want to support two of the best festivals that promote pan. In my opinion, these festivals show the true versatility of pan outside of panorama and carnival. I would think sponsors and promoters would be pushing to make this happen.
If Gypsy and the government really cared about the steelpan, which is our national instrument, they would do something about it so that we just believe that pan is only to be heard around carnival time, look at how much money they spend on the chutney soca competition, and the steel pan have been around for over 50 yrs and will be there forever, it is an instrument that is being played all over the world, making Trinidad and Tobago the birth place where the greatest musical instrument that was invented ever invented, in the 21st century, how many people would book a flight to come to Trinidad for a chutney festival ?, but a steelband competition with internet, radio and television promotion world wide, will be just as great as panorama, if the people in charge just want to sit down on their ass and claim there is no sponser, they should step down and alow some younger people with vision to take over, and what about the tourist board, just what do they do or what have they ever done for the promotion of the steel band, if they need my advise on how to promote our national instrument, they can pay for my ticket to come home, and they will not regret it I assure you 100% natural born Trini, and the name of my brother is Jimmy Phillip whom I'm very proud off, better known as Panman 10 from chaguanas, and I can be contacted @ 702-752-0100, pan was not made to be played only for carnival or panorama, the people that thinks it is so may well turn out to be Trinidian by boat, meaning no insults to anyone.  
It is not the government at fault. The government gave PanTrinbago $25mil for the carnival season and on top of that the government paid the $2mil 1st prize from their own pockets. So the million that PanTrinbago paid for 1st prize in previous years, they also had that to save. It only takes $1mil to host Pan in the 21st century and Pan down memory lane but PanTrinbago invested everything into panorama and now they're broke. It was in the newspapers that PanTrinbago got the most money from the carnival budget which was the $25mil, now after carnival they are coming to beg for another million.
There you go.............poor management, marketing and event planning, plus what do they need to learn again, after Gypsy hinted and said it to them in so many ways,  ............PANORAMA is not IT, Panorama is part of it....... widen the scope.....pan is way bigger than that
This has nothing or very, very little to do with Gypsy, the gov't and chutney soca competitions. It did not take someone long to shift the focus or issue. "how many people would book a flight to come to Trinidad for a chutney festival? Maybe you wont, but there are others who will, but I get your point............it always boils down to race, yes, race..chutney vs calypso.

after bein dere fuh de las one . .is ah good ting tuh scrap it s dis year . . b4 dey bring it back dey Must change de judgin  criteria . . Silver Stars won . . wid de Blac eye peas song . . dey lite an liven up de dead J .P. Complex las year . .but de judges was in ah nex zone  . . seems like we goin bac not forward . . ah bus de windows of yuh car . . an she bus de windscreen . . after de band play ah mediocar ting . . seems like de same pattern  . . look at de panorama winners . . de bes band com 2nd    use dis break in competition tuh find Judges who no wey dey judgin . . do somting fuh pan . .fuh real


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