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Make steelpan the country’s national instrument-- Shaqq

By William Doyle-Marshall

Hameed Shaqq (the Pan Piper) wants the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to introduce legislation making steelpan the country’s national instrument.

Shaqq, a former member of Invaders and a tutor on the Ontario scene who has been playing his instrument in Canada for about two decades, is troubled that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has not officially legislated steelpan as twin island republic’s national instrument.

Hameed Shaqqq, Trinidadian steelband performer converses with a Canadian poet at a festival in Toronto

He confesses that former Prime Minister Patrick Manning made a declaration that steelpan is the national instrument of the country. But that declaration does not make pan the national instrument. “There must be an Act of Parliament that embodies the emblem. Without that, it is just talk. I am arguing that there is no Act of Parliament to prove that pan is the national instrument,” he contends.

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I Wish to acknowledge what Mr. Hameed Shaqq has stated . It is a fact that the Pan has been declared the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago but in reality it has not been legislated by the Act of Parliament ...the whole process has not been completed and this should be done immediately. Thank you Mr. Shaqq for re-raising the important issue at this time.


Act of Parliment or no Act of Parliment, written or unwritten, the Steelpan IS THE NATIONAL INSTRUMENT Of TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. Whats the big thing about this? There are somethings that dont need to be written to be understood, like where Pan come from? Everybody in the world  knows where, without a doubt. And this will NEVER BE LOST.

Will somebody see that the process is completed? Why do we still have an"it-good-so" mentality?

What is a National Emblem, and are we proud about the National Emblems? We can argue that we do not need an Act of Parliment to declare the Steelpan the National Instrument of T&T, we can also argue that the "three ships"  on the coat of arms, can be best describe as the  Domination and suppression of the Amerindians, as colonial Spanish still mainted influenced  on  our independence. The Steelpan is the only musical instrument to be constructed into the practical cycle of Fifths or fourths. Because of its creation this instrument not only included making Mr Pythagoras'  6th century popular music theory, into reality, but also provided a ground-breaking discovery and an unique innovation. These are the main requirements for the Nobel Peace in Physics for which Mr Anthony Williams should be Nominated because of his vision in creating the spider-web design. The invention of the Steelpan Instrument created a "New World" orchestra and an alternative symphonic sound to the world of music, this was never done before. The Steelpan deserves to be officially declare our national instrument be an Act of Parliament. 



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