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Renegades in town

All Stars on the Ave Woman on the Bass. Tempo.

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Jennifer: You said it all in one word: "Thanks."

And you are not even a regular poster. Yet all the so-called, bleeding-heart "PAN LOVERS" on this forum have NOT ONE WORD TO SAY.

That was a GREAT PARADE!!!

However, you know TRINIS always have to complain: Where is the SILVER STARS performance?

Phase ll mash-up the place, talk done.

Phase II was the LAST BAND. How dey go MASHUP THE PLACE? The place done MASHUP long before that!!! I am not an ALL STARS fan and I have never ever said nothing nice about ALL STARS but their PAN PLAYING SKILLS were superior to every other band on that avenue. They were like USAIN BOLT exercising in the Olympics while others fought for lesser medals.

We don't need to focus on Carnival and Panorama. We need about 12 more events like this throughout the year. Unfortunately, there is only ONE Allima Garcia ... and one Andy Narell.

Maybe the new EXPATS and LOCALS organization could start a new PAN SHOWCASE like the PAN ON D AVENUE.


Señor Gonzales:

Silver Stars certainly honoured the “iron man” at POTA-5.

I concur wholeheartedly with you — they performed superbly.  They were, by far, the most enjoyable for such an evening.  They were both fresh and refreshing, in their musical arrangement and in their choice of tunes.

I am certain two of their sons, Junior and Edwin smiled.

Great show. It took a while to get the live stream (1005pm) but the performances were super. All Stars was smooth, Despers was mellow, Phase 11 rocked the Avenue.  Why can't we have something like this on one of the Carnival days? Just saying. 

Val Cumberbatch, SAY IT LOUD.

Exactly what I was thinking. How about Carnival Monday , when sometimes there is little going on? 

I've been saying it and I will say it again, Monday Afternoon Steelband Bomb Competition for the same prize as panorama. Time to build back up the steelband presence on the road for carnival. "JUST DO IT"

Help raise some funds and of course we would do it. Pan on d'Avenue is the brainchild of Mr Cleveland Garcia and each year it just gets better. In 2014 Mr. Garcia had organized the Monday night Health and Fitness chip for the Ministry of Health and it was a great success. So please help get us some funds to pay the bands and we would organize the parade.

Allima Garcia, we know that Witco, Angostura, Fernandez, Carib, Stag, Heineken sponsor nearly every event in the land but what they give in sponsorship is a joke when compared to the kind of profits the make off the people of T&T.

Having said that what cause is more noble than re-establishing  Steelband to the road on Carnival Monday Afternoon. Too many people are concern about the lack of the steelband in carnival, this is evident by the success you and your people had with Pan on the Avenue.

With a good presentation I believe sponsorship should not be difficult, every Trini have a little guilt about how we treat the steelband. You and your group have proven that you have the chops to make things happen  this is a good start. 

  A Monday Afternoon Bomb competition for the same prize money as panorama will give  Steelbands incentive. When you add Banks, Telecommunication, Government, Construction and other large companies I don't think funding will be a problem, but presentation is key.

Cecil Hinkson , we know that TV and radio and even print media generate their income from advertising.

Can you think of a better way of advertising your product in T&T than via a steelband ?

Think about it.

We still think about Pan Am when we say North Stars , and Pan Am no longer exits !

Or Guinness Stout when we say Cavaliers !

What we call sponsorship is paid advertising..

Even athletes are doing it on their outfits..

Could it be that this avenue is not sufficiently pursued by steelbands ?

( Except for the big name bands , of course ).

It may be that advertising via steelbands may provide the best bang for a company's advertising budget , especially in T&T.

But of course that would depend on higher visibility for the steelbands.


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