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PAN SHAME - Disrespect for the national instrument

Trinidad Express Newspapers

Steelband arrangers blast Panorama pool party: Disrespect for the national instrument

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Splash, a new feature added to The Greens by Pan Trinbago for Sunday’s Panorama semi-finals, has been criticised by members of the pan fraternity as a blow and a blatant disrespect to the national instrument and the Panorama competition.
Steelband arrangers yesterday spoke out against the introduction of the pool party at the pan semis to be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, this weekend.

Arranger for defending Panorama champions Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, said Pan Trinbago should be ashamed. “This is our national instrument and a national competition and you want to keep a pool party? This has nothing to do with the steelpan. Panorama is our biggest time of the year. This pool party will take people away from the Panorama. It should be kept on a separate day and kept away from Panorama. A pan man who really loves pan and really respects you wouldn’t stand for that. All pan men should not stand for this. This is disrespect to all of us,” Boogsie said.

....Arranger Pelham Goddard also spoke against the pool party. “That is a big distraction from the main event. This is Panorama and it should have Panorama alone. They should be thinking to promote Panorama and if they have to depend on another event to prosper or to boost Panorama that is bad, that is very bad. Every year they are coming with something ridiculous. That event would not attract anyone interested in Panorama,” Goddard said.
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Well Boogsie and Pelham, why perform under these conditions?

"A pan man who really loves pan and really respects you wouldn’t stand for that. All pan men should not stand for this. This is disrespect to all of us.”

... and then they show up and play!!!

Sweet Sweet Trinidad

Fus ah love meh country bad

When ah dead please bury me

In the center of the city

No one could stand in the way of Diaz$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

TRUE DAT, Cecil!!

Cecil something wrong with trinis. Americans will never abandon their Country Music, the latinos will forever keep their music, the Jamacians will always keep their music and when these countries are having their competitions, there are no distractions or experimenting with their music etc. Trinis have pan music now they experimenting with mixing it up with the pool party. For argument sake, lets say the pool party eventually proves to be a much bigger revenue stream than the Panorama competition, ten fold, tell me what will happen a couple of years down the road for pan? As I said before, they used a clever plan years ago to put pan on truck in order to get them off the road early.

If the USA or Europe countries take panorama make it big, trinis will bring in the race talk, and 'nobody care about de black man, etc'

Finally some of the big guys are having their say.... the dialogue continues................ and pan people were born from the rebel element that makes us rebel against the system that is imposed on us. PT should have seen and realized that this rebellion was coming ...because it is only now beginning........but as the saying goes you are sometimes blinded by the "green backs" .............there is going to be a fall out from this.... and repercussions...and a price to pay. Every pan person has to make a stand ...the town hall meeting is one of the sources that can raise the awareness of the situation.......... an emphasis to make it global with Skype and other media should be seriously considered

Salah Wilson you also should have a strong say, and be part of the big boys since you tutored many. You cannot leave it up to the top arrangers alone. Everybody saying what should be done but an outright protest should be in place. My protest, this carnival 2014 jouvert, for starters. Mandatory, put all steelbands on the road, NOT ON TRUCK, play have fun, don't take them off the road. Create the biggest gridlock, no bands can't move all day. This will force all these mas bands to go elsewhere. Panman will get respect. By the way, even though your band 'Flamingoes' did not make the semis, you displayed great support for the national instrument..

Hey Patrick,

Now reading your post ...yes I agree we need to do more than talk...... but at least have a say and express our displeasure at this "Pan Pool Splash" development ...and the WST Forum is steaming hot with relative topics and a survey of WST will show that more than 96% is against this new development..... I for one would love to have pans rolling on the streets again ...

BTW thanks for the reference of my little band Flamingoes...we are on a journey and it will take some time...but we expect a better showing next year.

Patrick, It would be nice to have all the Steelbands on the road, But how many of them is in a Financial position to have enough Pan Stands, pan racks, etc. It would be nice to Boycott the Semi's but its too late at this time, but not too late to Boycott the Finals, Jouvert , Champs in concert @ POS and Tobago and everything dealing with Pan.

BEDE LOPEZ, don't boycott anyting. That is a big mistake. Why boycott, we all love the pan. What you need to do is have all bands this year 2014, mandatory, ON THE ROAD, Not on big truck etc. Each band enough pan, rack so its manageable. Keep them on the road all day. Let mas band with big trucks WAIT, for the whole day to access a stage if they lucky. That is how you protest. In fact its not a protest because the steelbands  were forced to put their pans on trucks.

Patrick, Being able to show our dissatisfaction will be nice but at the same time it might cause a lot of Violence on the Street and we don't want that, (just my view)

{I do not like the word steelband; why we cannot use the word Steel Orchestra)  178 un-sponsored steelbands in T&T (wow). 174 sponsored & un-sponsored registered for the 2014 panorama. My calculations shows that 156 participated. The $2,700,000 aid for the un-sponsored averages out to be $23,000 per band that participated at the prelims.

My management mantra was the 5 P's: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  We had 3 new P's in our music genre Player, Pan and Panorama.  Now we have added 2 more P's, Pool and Party. (lol) 

Thank you Lord, The Steelband Leaders have finally Spoken, Its about time, So many things is happening to the Steelband its time to take action now. STEELBAND SHOULD GO ON STRIKE . Tell Pantrinbago If there is a Pool Party at the Semi-finals  we will not play at the Finals. Total Disrespect. (I wish we could do it at the Semi's but the time is too short since its this weekend). 


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