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Pan Splash brings ‘Boogsie’ to tears: ‘Nobody cares about steelpan’

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Leading the charge was arranger of defending conventional large band champions Phase II Pan Groove Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, who admitted he was brought to tears when he learned of the initiative which would see a pool being added to the attractions at The Greens. Giving the idea a thumbs down, Sharpe said: “What is Pan Trinbago doing to the national instrument of T&T? “They can’t be pan people? Can you imagine this? A national competition is going on and you want to have a pool party at the same time? Nobody cares about the national instrument. This pool idea is total disrespect. There is no where in the world, in any competition, that will go on.”

....Pan Splash is owned by Aqua Fun Park and is sponsored by the Blue Waters group of companies and Jus Juice.
Veteran musician/pan arranger Ray Holman also expressed his disgust at the move. He said: “I love water, but ... On one hand, there is an element of disrespect as far as the national instrument is concerned to have these kind of attractions at the same time as Panorama is in progress.
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A great idea, but do you really think that steelbands will boycott anything? In T&T?

I agree wth Boogsie, these are deviations to Pan. The North Stand, The Greens and now the Pan Splash are really for the attendees who want to lime, they are not for Pan Lovers.  Pan Lovers would be found in the stands listening to the Pan Music and enjoying the different arrangements

Denyse Plummer

What we are dealing with here is young Trini business people that don't care about Culture peddling their goods to anyone who want to buy PanTrinbago bought.


Run all those that is pushing us towards nudity is the streets, bring back live music on the road, steelbands rolling on the ground. 

At present T&T is the biggest enemy ot our own culture.

Cecil, Looks like we have to keep we eye on Dar Fella, MR Lincoln Douglas Minister of Culture he may have something else in the "Mortar than the Pestle",

............................and I thought it  was Keith Diaz.

Correct but we were always our own worst enemies.

 that aint gonna happen- its all about the big bucks and not the pan

 u really after all these years think pan trinbago  will be anywhere different

 next year we having a beach and coconut tress and a waterpark so the pan kids can practice sliding the notes

Will the people who go to the pool party go to 'listen' to the bands, or to have a noisy disrespectful party in the North Stand? Perhaps we should consider that the disrespectful are being moved to a safer distance from the music and the pan movement 'may' get some revenue in the process.
After all we have been complaining for years that 'pan people' always begging for a handout. Lets see if this helps to solve 2 problems at the same time.

BTW:  Cricket has been making money off of pools in the party section while big games are going on for some time now.

NO disrespect intended

The biggest disrespect in panorama semi's is the North Stand for the past 50 years, drunken people making unnecessary IRON noise during the judging of the bands playing...

Real Pan Lovers are also found embedded on de track breathing in the pan culture... > Do Something For Pan

What a shame pan is going the same way my country is going ,total disrespect to the national instrument of T&T do not give up Boogise keep fighting , you will win stay strong


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