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So this is what your $700 buys you at Pan Splash: the usual t-shirt, cup, food and drinks AND your TICKET...however our entire Pan Splash area is private including a private entrance so you don't have to fight to get inside. Food court and premium drinks bar is also private, and can only be accessed by Pan Splash members.
There will be a 70 foot pool inside the area for you to splash and don't worry we have a bess filtration system to keep things clean. We have private showers, locker rooms and toilets so you don't have to share with the rest of the pan attendees.
Our party runs from midday to midnight and has a jumbotron and performances with the PHI pan. You are welcome to bring your swim suit because we'll be splashing. Now if that ain't sounding like a bess event, nothing will!

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Ghost, when you say <Protest and boycott ALL future events> are you including PT's events and that pan players should refuse to play in Pamorama and stay in the Pan Yards.  Because I know a crew who say they ready to go to "the track" wearing t-shirts (with permission) to pomote The George "Sonny" Goddard Inaugural Steelband Town Hall Meeting.  Would that help or hinder the cause???

Yow, Andre, first off; thanks for the props on LinkedIn. YES! That is EXACTLY what I am saying. Stop being willing slaves to equally willing masters! It would be GREAT if that "crew" would do that; it would be an EXTREMELY COURAGEOUS move! Look some structures are so "compromised", that all you can do is call for the demolition crew. It is time to demolish the cesspit, even if that means having to deal with a few jep nests. Time to rebuild the local steelbands from the foundation up, for we all know what kind of foundation a cesspool has, and what goes "SPLASH" in them. MORAL OF THE STORY: Not ALL "splashes" are good. Or, healthy. ☺WE, THE PAN PEOPLE, about to bring it, as the hip-hopper would say. Thanks again, Andre/Dr. Dre. lol. Ghost. 

So whom do we seek copyright permission from to get that image printed up with the caption.  

The George "Sonny" Goddard Inaugural Steelband Town Hall Meeting 

March 7, 2014 

Starlift House of Music (Panyard)

Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Once it provokes talk, we'll use the occasion to rap about the times (from 1 to 6pm) and what the event is about.

How does that sound?

There are so many things that the New Visionaries could have been doing this season, that would have established their credibility in leadership. Even if only two of them could be seen with a rustic placard at one of Pan Trinbago's events...This is going to be a lost opportunity, and one that Pan Trinbago will use against you. You prove your strength, when you are the OPPOSITION! Ghost.

BTW - At this stage of Len "Boogsie" Sharpe's career, they should be paying him MILLIONS to teach young, aspiring arrangers how to arrange for steelbands! Not just in Trinidad and Tobago, but the World over! They should be paying this brother, of of the few true "child prodigies" of the Afro-Trinbagonian community, to hold lectures at colleges and universities. And if he does not have one, I am yet to meet anyone more deserving of an honorary degree, for the expanse of his work as a panman. I HATE to see them using him to promote their own agendas. (Remember, ATTSDC? smdh.) Ghost.

You got to LOVE IT!!!


This PAN SPLASH is highly Ridiculous, where are the Leaders of all the Steelband? In the days of Rudolph Charles this would never happen. Are the Leaders being Bought for a few Dollars?

I don't know who came up with the  idea of that party on the greens while panorama is going on, but to me it's not a good one. It's either careless or care more about the money. If that party  is more important than the panorama, then the panorama should not be happening at that time.Now, it's up to the steelbands to look into that situation and take appropriate action. Why should a steelband perform in a competition while being disturbed.

This Panorama Greens distraction will surely kill Pan!

Come on, Bertel: Buy some nice SWIM TRUNKS and JUMP IN THE POOL!


Funny (as in strangely coincidental), but a few Panaorama's back, we were hanging on the BarbarGreen track and ran into a crew we knew running some riddim.  Just on the outside of the liming tent, they had a bigger plastic pool for all the kids (and one drunk adult) "splashing" around.  We joked amongst ourselves that they better careful PT doh copy dem with a larger pool and charge money for it.  Lord, we is the ultimate Mimic Men, ent...

Where have all the real men gone?. Gone to graveyards everyone.I'm trying to picture this madness taking place 25 - 30 years ago.No one would have been that crazy to even suggest such a suicidal act, because that's what it would have been, but now that all the real men are gone and the  ones who were to take their places are in a genocidal march everyday, the people with the money who never really liked the Pan because it wasn't invented by them, have carte blanche to do whatever they like in the destruction of our National Instrument.I'm suggesting "Pool Party #2 @ the Chutney show.I really want to see if Pan Trinbago is going to sit back and let this disrespect take place.I knew there had to be a reason why I cancelled going down this year. They say Trini Jail ent nice, well,. I would have found out. I love my nation and culture too much.


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