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Pan Trinbago Central Executive Accuses their President Keith Diaz of Improprieties

On Friday 18th May 2018, the same mob that assaulted  Attorney Farid Scoon at the Communication Workers Union hall the day before, invaded the head office of Pan Trinbago with placards and shouting at the top of their voices that the duly elected officers must vacate office immediately. This interrupted a staff meeting that was called by the office manager to update them on the present situation in light of all the misinformation’s that was going around. The meeting although near its end, had to be aborted, as the unruly mob went throughout the office pounding on tables and kicking on doors thereby disrupting the operations of the office staff who felt very intimidated and was unable to continue working until the police arrived. This action also had a very negative effect on the other tenants of the building, thereby bringing the organization into public disrepute and making our neighbors uneasy.

This action, and the threats by members of the mob, is seeking to put the Steel band fraternity sixty years, where some pannist could not go in areas or regions outside of their own. Why is this happening in light of the fact that elections for officers is only four to five months away? What are these people afraid off? Most of them are customary losers over the years, and believe that coming through the back door now, will give them some kind of edge. But I know that the membership have already recognized them as people who would sleep with the devil for the trappings of office. They have already shown that they lack integrity and are of low morals. How else could they be in bed today, with the man they have been demonizing for years?

Mr. Keith Diaz, is and has always been a stranger to the truth, and all those who worked with him before can attest to that. His latest is to tell the workers and members that the NCC is willing to pay all Pan Trinbago's outstanding debts including workers salaries, prize monies for small, medium and large Steel bands if they would get a letter signed by him and all the Executive members. Let me state categorically, that there is no physical evidence to ascertain such a claim by him. Mr. Diaz has being lying to this Executive for so long, that anything he says must be verified in writing. The members of the central Executive have being writing to the President for an Executive meeting for quite sometime to no avail. He and the Advisor run things, so to hell with the Executive.

In years gone by, our allocation for prize monies for Panorama, was between thirty six and thirty million dollars, and our large band first prize was one million dollars. In 2018, the allocation from the NCC, was drastically reduced to twenty point five million dollars. We sat as an Executive and decided to cut our cloth to suit the design. This was a unanimous decision. By the next day the President together with the advisor, decided that prize money would remain as last year. His one manism position is nothing new to us. He said to us, that he and the Executive Chairman of the NCC are from ‘DOCKSFORD’, and that the Chairman agreed to find extra money to meet any cost overrun. Only for us to find out later, that it was all lies. The President words cannot be relied upon. Any one ever wonder why every Executive member is displeased with him? Mr. president, show us the NCC request in writing.

And while you are at it, tell us what became of the over three thousand complimentary tickets you took from the suppliers for panorama 2018 at a cost of over $1,150,650, 00 and the financial statement for Champs In Steel Plus that you had taken full control of all ticketing and sales. Tell us why Single Pan bands were paid unknown to the Executive. This Executive will be blamed for condoning your nefarious behavior, but we choose to fight from within, unlike most who worked with you in the past and run.  Some members are now pretending they don't know the extent of your greed which is responsible for most of the organization financial predicaments. But, it will not continue come hell or high waters.

 Please call an executive meeting where we can address our concerns and stop our organization from going down this dangerous road where a particular chairman is advocating violence. If his idea takes root, it will only create a situation that he had never catered for. Everybody have children, family and friends who will not take kindly to acts of violence. Bro. Anim Smith, a passed president,  had put his life on the line to bring peace to this organization, please let it prevail for our future generations. Let not your jealous ambitions blind you to the present realities Mr. Chair. Think before you act, or live with the consequences.  A word to the wise.

Yours in Pan.

Michael L Joseph

Public Relations Officer.

Pan Trinbago Inc. TC.




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Bro Scobie are you talking about the same Keith Diaz that Mr Forteau,Mr Sheppard,Mr Agustus,Mr Salvardor,Mr Reid and yourself accompanied to regional meetings, for the singular purpose of executive members to one by one,accuse every single resigning member (namely Mr Serrette,Mr Arrindell,Ms Romain)  of all sorts of malfeasance?

Is this the same Mr Diaz that the entire executive defended at every instance when his leadership was called into question.

Is this the same Mr Diaz,that when the matter of the cars paid for with PT money,you all aggressively defended?

Is this the said Mr Diaz that is said to have paid travelling allowances to executive members,while PT was paying for rental vehicles for their individual use?

Is this the said Mr Diaz that hired executive members at a handsome monthly pay packet for none existing activities?

Is this the Mr Diaz that the entire executive supported to deny motions from the floor?

Is this the Mr Diaz that the entire executive conspired with, to do/not do all manner of unconstitutional actions/non-actions so as to attempt to get members to take the executive to court?

Is this the Mr Diaz that executive members vigorously defended when members questioned the huge costs associated with ATTSDC and the IAS,and the seemingly non existent benefits.

One last question,for now Mr Joseph.....why haven't you mentioned any of the acts Mr Diaz committed/omitted together with the Financial Advisor.

Now that the actions of the last couple years,have finally loosened the Forteau led faction of the executive tounges,and it's now in print, I guess it's Mr Diaz turn to start spilling all the beans.

Drip,Drip,Drip,Drip...........one day bucket full,or stone bust.

Oswald: THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ is a POLITICALLY PRINCIPLED MAN. He doh spill no beans. When he took over from PATRICK ARNOLD there was a lot of DIRTY LINENS he could have washed in PUBLIC to clean his own hands. But he went out of his way to state that he is NOT GOING TO WASH PAN TRINBAGO'S DIRTY LINENS IN PUBLIC.

Unlike the VERY, VERY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY DESPERATE MICHAEL JOSEPH. It look as if dem executves going and lose HOUSE AND LAND if they get VOTED out. I may have to break my vow never to go back to TRINIDAD and make ah trip down there just to PUT A DOLLAR in FORTEAU and JOSEPH CUP and they sit PENNILESS in the streets begging for ALMS.

Ah doh care what bugs and RP say this thing looking like it go have ah violent ending!!! The STAKES ARE TOO HIGH for some to lose their STALL AT THE GOLDEN PNM TROUGH!!!

Claude I know Mr Diaz wouldn't do so publicly,but he has knowledge of all that transpired at PT,and one is hopeful that he would confide in someone all/some of what he knows....probably he has already spoken about the deeds of others.

The membership have been willfully kept in the dark over the years,and try as they may,no one from the "all inclusive gang" was breaking ranks,except for Mr Serrette,who gave us a little insight.

Mr Joseph is as usual trying to deflect with his talk of violence.

Imagine the lawyer came to serve his injunction,and many members had the impression that he stayed around to taunt the membership,and he left the area intact.

If you can remember when someone posted the prophetic meme with the wording somewhat like "I am a lamb,my name is Bert,Forteau tell Diaz leave before he get hurt"......Mr Joseph wrote that people were speaking about physical violence.......He was so wrong with that statement.....Some persons had read the game book,paid attention to the Advisor and executive members history,and came to the conclusions that are today's reality.

Some of what is being seen are strategically placed inflated objects that looks like tanks,heavy armaments,warships and aircrafts.

I would not be a part of, or encourage anyone to physically attack anyone .....and I have heard the same from my close colleagues.

Claude the fluid process that the CIP adopted,were not tried or tested by anyone seeking to change the status quo in PT....we stated that we would make mistakes,and said,hopefully we would learn from those mistakes.We differ at times on how to skin the sick cat,but we are purposefully focused on skinning the sick cat,getting rid of the maggots,and hopefully the remaining kittens can flourish.


One: Keith Diaz stole over $1,150,650, 00 in complimentary Panorama tickets which we know that he resold on the SCALPER'S MARKET!!

Two: Bugs and Russell Providence came on THIS FORUM and chastised me for MENTIONING the threat of impending violence among the PAN TRINBAGO leadership contenders. Now we see Mr. Joseph spelling out some details: "a particular chairman is advocating violence. If his idea takes root, it will only create a situation that he had never catered for. Everybody have children, family and friends who will not take kindly to acts of violence."

Please note the subtle (not so subtle) boast that all the PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE MEMBERS raised children who are GANG BANGERS. So we are going from STEELBAND WARS to  STEELBAND EXECUTIVES WARS. THAT IS PAN PROGRESS FOR YOU!!!

But the BIG QUESTION REMAINS: Why does Mr. Joseph suddenly want to expose the alleged corruption of KEITH DIAZ, NOW!!! After NINE YEARS of standing behind THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ?

When KEITH DIAZ first got elected I was told that he was going to STEAL MILLIONS from PAN TRINBAGO. So I  knew that in 2009, what about all the other ACCESSORIES TO THE CRIME like MR. MICHAEL JOSEPH? He now find that out?

Claude did you ever wonder why Ato Boldon choose to join the club his main rival (Maurice Greene) trained with,before the Olympics?


Rolly Polly is going to the resort called Club Jail. The Fraud Squad is coming.

The attack puppy PRO is turning states witness like College Boy. He doesn't want to go to club jail too.

Can you ask Rolly Polly to explain how the Greens - ATTSDC - Pan Trinbago syndicate worked? This could get a few years off his sentence.

bugs: Right now ah in meh CHAPEL praying that James Harden doh come and rain on MY PARADE in the next three hours. But if DONALD TRUMP eh making jail -- THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ eh making NO JAIL either!!!

The only comment I could make when I read this and the subsequent comments is to repeat my first thought , 

"What a mess ! "

Mr. PRO in 2012 you expressed concern over the Pan Trinbago / ATTSDC venture into Nigeria. What did you find out?


When did you learn that the President was running a ticket scam?


That was 2012

OSWALD ALEXANDER: Don't let the POSTERS on THIS FORUM upset your peace, eh. Is ah bunch ah idle,old, culturally-aliented, wishing-they-could-come-back-home-but-fraid-the-crime EXPATS yuh dealing with here. And they don't have a clue about what is going on ON THE GROUND down in the MECCA except HEARSAY.

So TRY YOUR BEST with moving the LOCAL PAN MOVEMENT FORWARD and don't let RUSSELL (he eh even ah EXPAT) and bugs and Claude and Cecil and merrytonestothebone -- he is an HONORARY EXPAT -- and Cecil and Mercer and dem other fellahs run you OFF COURSE.

And when allyuh win -- doh forget ah want THE RIGHTS to produce a GREATEST HITS PANORAMA CD. Although ah know that KEITH DIAZ sell out all them rights to THE PANORAMA MUSIC to KEN ALI and pocket the money. Ah bet yuh didn't know that!!!

Claude a win for me is not a destination,it's a journey.I am hopeful that any future drivers properly maintain/drive the vehicle to afford the passengers a beautiful ride,and the passengers assist the drivers when needed,but caution/reprimand the drivers whenever they drive dangerously.Still much hard work to be done,in an uncertain environment. 

Claude,I post to inform,but sometimes I rant......I enjoy the banter.....I grew up in a heavy "fatigue" environment....yuh got it good....so you had tuh learn to give back good....and you had better not try to belittle anyone......because it showed "yuh ent ready"

Yuh said Ken Ali....yuh sure it's him alone?


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