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Pan Trinbago Clears The air on 2017 Pannists’ Remittance

michael josephFrom: Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer

The Editor,

Please allow me space to clear the air on some misinformation being put out to create confusion. Now that the Carnival 2017 celebrations are behind us, some mischievous and dishonest people at the National Carnival Commission (NCC) are trying to engage executive Officers of Pan Trinbago in a new set of bacchanal and confusion, when it comes to the payment of the One Thousand dollars ($ 1000, 00) pannist remittance for Panorama 2017.

The NCC is saying to Pan Trinbago Inc T.C. that two of it’s executive Officers met with them on or between the 27th and the 30th of January 2017, and agreed to a cut of the pannist remittance by 50%. This is as blatant a lie as ever. But, given our experiences with them over the past five to six months, nothing is surprising coming of that camp.
However, Pan Trinbago would like to make it pellucidly clear, that no Officer was ever given such a mandate, and would not have exercise such power. The last discussion the parties had on that issue, the NCC was informed by the Acting President of Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., that coming out of a general membership meeting at City Hall Port of Spain, some days prior, the pannist remittance remains the same. The NCC chairman’s reply was, that he would go to the Prime minister for another ten million dollars investment into the Carnival that should take care of the short fall. When next the 50% cut was mentioned by the NCC, they were reminded of our proposal.
Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., is anxiously awaiting the receipt of the agreed management fees for the Panorama events to which they were charged, and successfully produced, and the constitutionally due 10% from each participating Steel band, as agreed to be deduct and deliver to us, by the NCC. 
May we continue to propel and control the commanding heights of our indigenous art form, in the midst of that rarer atmosphere where our opinions do not collide.  As Cowards Flinch and Traitors sneer, Pan Trinbago‘s flag will keep flying high.

Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer, Pan Trinbago Inc T.C.

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 talk as much as  we want

 the show will go on

 even for free

 when reality checks in we shall see

evan lobo, the reality is now, lets see.

"However, Pan Trinbago would like to make it pellucidly clear, that no Officer was ever given such a mandate, and would not have exercise such power."......Whey papa Mr Joseph!!!

The mandate given to the Executive at the Oct.30th.2016 AGM, from a resolution moved by Michael Marcano (Renegades) and passed with an almost unanimous vote,called for:

(1) Government subvention for 2017 to remain at $31million dollars.

(2) All monies owed by Pantrinbago be paid.Namely 2013 Music Festival,2015 International Panorama,Players remittances 2016 ( $1000 preliminaries and $300 semi-final),Junior Panorama (non-schools).

(3) Players remittances remain at $1000 for 2017.

(4) Prize moneys remain the same.

(5) If these conditions were not met,there would be NO PANORAMA.

GUESS WHAT? Mr Joseph....you colluded with the Executive to ignore the MANDATE of the AGM.Some would call such an act SEDITION or TREASON,some may say it's both.

Let's visit the Constitution you choose to quote (whenever it's convenient to you),and see which Mandate supersedes the another.


  1. Whenever the Convention or Special Convention is not in session the Annual General Meeting shall be the highest authority of the Association.

  2. The Annual General Meeting shall have the authority to formulate such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to govern the conduct of its business but no such rule or regulations shall be regarded as having any validity where and to the extent that the same conflict with any Rules or Regulations established by the General Body in Convention.

One delegate voted against this Resolution,Mr Joseph....O....N...E! and the Executive ( where all wisdom and decision, resides) choose to ignore the VOTES, of those who voted them into office.

So as you would say, the Executive was given a pellucidly clear MANDATE at the AGM. 

Bro Scobie,today you are quite assured that no member/s of the Executive would ignore a mandate given by the Executive to your fellow executive members.....how naive,knowing how your collective nature works....how naive!

I also know that a couple Executive members were not in agreement with the Executive ignoring the AGM mandate,but the CABAL choose to ignore them also.This does not absolve them from blame,because they have choosen to remain and be smeared,by the actions of others.   

I am quite aware that some folks think they own Pantrinbago,some think it's a family hierloom,some may even think they are sole reservoir of all things Pan,and/or a combination of all those self serving thoughts may have led the Execs thinking they can ignore an AGM MANDATE.

Mr Joseph, you should by now be aware that you have been misled by Messrs Forteau,Sheppard,Salvador or are you again in acting collusion with them,to perpetuate the lie that NCC agreed on $1000 2017 players remittances,when at the meeting to discuss 2017 rules held on the 10th January,the player remittance was written as $500.

  Here you go again spreading mis-information,mixed with a generous amounts of caustic soda. 

Mr Joseph let me remind you of the facts,because in your haste to subscribe blame here,there and everywhere,your memory seems not quite where it should be.

(1) The copy of the Panorama 2017 rules handed out to bands at the Special General Meeting Jan.10th  meeting, players remittances is $500 per player.

(2) Member bands were aggressively not in agreement,citing that was not the MANDATE the Executive was given.

(3) In seeking to quell the anger,frustration and mistrust members have for the Executive the Ag President promised to return to NCC to discuss the $1000 players remittances,which thinking members should have realized, wasn't going to happen.

(4) This meeting again ended in turmoil,with many members demanding that the Executive demit office shortly after carnival.

Let me not place all the blame squarely on the shoulders of the executive,because we knew that the Executive was given some 5 Million$ to pay 2016 players remittances,and as of today, no one has told the members where that money disappeared.We also knew that they have no respect for member bands votes,once they are in office.

The NCC then advanced moneys from the 2017 budget to pay 2016 bills,therefore 2017 budget was cut by a further 5 Million plus.

The Executive took the decision to keep prize money the same ( maybe,JUST maybe, because PT gets 10% from those moneys,and nothing from players remittances.

We also knew that PT owes huge amount of moneys to office workers,bankers,bands,service providers toute bagai,and have no revenue source,of any significance.

Bro Scobie YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME,but you cannot fool all the people,all the time....that's not how it works.

The tragedy of all of this is, all those debts are the responsibility of ALL the member bands,not only those who collect their pittances to support the mis-management, allegeded corrupt activities,etc. but also those who know we cannot continue to allow our Organization to destroyed by mis-deeds,folly, and the sense of self importance of a few.

Some of our heroic Pioneers would have written this very story,not with a pen or keyboard,but with a HAMMER. 

P.S : Mr Joseph think what may have happened if the Executive had gone to the GROTT with the MANDATE of the  AGM,and convince them that moneys spent on Steelbands is way better than spending 50 plus MILLON dollars a MONTH on some odd 2,500 prisoners in remand yard.THINK!



Mr. Alexander: You preached a sermon this morning!!! You let it all hang out!!! You tell it like it is!!!

Your points were PELLUDICLY CLEAR!!!

2,500 prisoners converted to PAN PRODUCTION across the spectrum. Making Pans, exporting Pans, setting up websites to sell Pans and Pan Music, running a couple music studios, learning to read and write and compose music, producing some crops to supplement the whole movement.


Oswald Alexander has given you an update as requested....More to follow on the ground from Tobago.

Stay Well....Regards

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bugs: You are promoting NEGATIVE FILM about the Right Honourable Keith Diaz. We are considering legal action against you for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. I have been contacted by the MOST HIGHLY HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ to search the WST database and extract all negative comments made by the "bugs" character to be presented in court in our defamation lawsuit. I have agreed to be a WITNESS FOR THE KING and consequently ordered to cease all exchanges and contact with you on the forum or by any other means of communication.


Claude these posters are all over The Facebook and as President Bush once said "the Internets". Rolly Polly and gangstas have never been more popular. 

Rolly Polly should apologize to Mr. Gregory before these posters go viral. 

On other matters. I did tell you at the end of the day College Boy would be on the beach drinking Rum & Coco Cola when the movie end.

Look at your poor PRO. He now suffering from a major concussion. Look for Rolly Polly to say the PRO did it!



Apologize to who....me?....You stand a better chance of pigs flying....Let the chips fall where they may.....I don't fear the storm, and I will not run to seek shelter or safe Harbour.....from HE the President of PTB,..I will not relent...you know why ....I AM THE STORM!..Pan Executive Doh Business.....26 Charges of gross misconduct in elected office....But Executive Jamming Still...

HeadsUp, a word to the wise and brightest amongst Central Executive Management at Victoria Park Suites....doh come in dat Northern Region meeting Tuesday evening, to dictate no pace,..control no meeting, or take the largest region in the movement down Jackass Alley, with idle donkey talk as the norm has been dictating, lest we will go down a road, like the last meeting at City Hall, where the University of Docksford Campus,..just almost opened up a branch,...which enabled players to get their long overdue 2016 Panorama remittances...Come in Peace...or just don't come at all.....



Well said....well played

mr Alexander; beautiful;


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