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Pan Trinbago Defends Itself Against Charges of Corruption

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc., one of the oldest grassroots organizations in Trinidad and Tobago, is now fighting for its survival in the space and the arena that it struggled long and hard to establish and maintain for over sixty years.

What is saddening, maddening and frightening, is the fact that some people who don’t have a clear history of the evolution of the Steelpan are recommending that it be taken away from us, and placed in the hand of big business, who they believe are more capable and more competent to manage the business of Pan. This has brought tears to the eyes of many who made great sacrifice.

The same Steelpan that society rejected and branded its early pioneers outcast, rogues and vagabonds, who stood up and faced all the prosecution and persecution to preserve it. I have never seen any business man that invested in a business venture to benefit his employees. And I have not seen any big business that was or is successful with out their dependency on government for concessions or bailouts.

The impasse between the Minister of Community Development Culture and the Arts and Pan Trinbago, has nothing to do with accountability on the part of the Steelpan organization. That is all red herrings in order to implement their bigger agenda. Those who pays the piper call the tune. And today, big payback is expected.

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So Mr. Joseph your defense is that there are other more corrupt things going on in Trinidad and Tobago - therefore Pan Trinbago should be left alone in its gangsta format.

Mr. Joseph, the mirror you have been looking into everyday has been lying to you. Don't blame the Minister for what you and your gang did to itself.  You and your gang put Pan in this unfortunate light. You and your gang failed the Pan ancestors miserably.

The bands are awesome. The players are awesome. The arrangers are awesome. The tuners are awesome.  Pan Trinbago is unimaginative and corrupt.

The sad part is you can't see that you and your gang are no good at what you do. And worst, in spite of all your understanding of history, look at what you and your gang let happen by your ineptness and behavior. You have failed Pan and it ancestors. 


Clearly this man doesn't have a clue that he is making matters worse for Pan Trinbago...better he resign too...

Totally agree with your comment. PT are the group most accountable for the current situation and yes they appear to have become the very same thing they initially fought against. 

Totally agree with your excellent summation Bugs!!! Mr Joseph is only trying to blind us with history and the way things were. The facts are....the Executive have been stealing the pan players blind and instead of a profitable company doing good for pan players all over Trinidad and beyond - we have a bankrupt company holdin out their greedy hands for more money..... Begging ...to cover all that they TEEF!!!!!!
Gone wid you Mr "snake oil salesman" Joseph!!!!!
Take off your blindfold and wrap it around your mouth.
In other words: Open your eyes and shut your mouth!
And hope some influential businessman /businessmen are not seeing
this crap that you have contributed.

Who is Joseph trying to fool? Joseph and his gang is so steeped in corruption it smells aloud! Thank God they are now seen for what they truly are, CROOKS!! 

Mr PR man just close the door as you leave.

This is what returns on your investment looks like...

Reading this again....... dem fellas defence....... Boi, dem fellars SICK YES.

I think that the next PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER should come from the BUSINESS COMMUNITY. Unless allyuh want another replacement like MR. JOSEPH!!!

Is this man for real?

BULL S#%T!That statement is Insulting to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and all Pan People. Makes us look like idiots, still swinging on vines in the forest.


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