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Pan Trinbago Elections Postponed due to High Court involvement

From Pan Trinbago

Elections for positions of central executives will not take place, as the matter is engaging the attention of the High Court of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Is it possible to make the notice more legible......it's very hard on my eyes.

Sam that's ole age.lol

Cecil: ah done tell yuh that dem fellahs eh giving up that power just so. Yuh real harden boy. Ah cyar explain no more. Ah tired and whey yuh see old age done catch up with meh ah cyar write no LONG LONG WINDED article as if ah is some kind of ah GHOST.



Cecil: Yuh eh give me no updates on the PanTrinbago meeting on Sunday. When December 3rd reach and the case postpone again is done time for panorama 2013 and is too late to change leadership. Boi, like the old visionaries seeing the game better than the new visionaries.

Claude, Yuh aint see we gie Diaz 20.000$ to step aside or wah, is either he take the money or we put some good bull-boi on him, the choice is his. Yuh ever hear about carnival with out panorama or no Ray Holman, listen to the song nah man.

This is what the report says:

Pantrinbago is informing all member steel orchestras that the triennial convention/annual general meeting carded for this sunday october 29th 2012 at the capital plaza former crown plaza will take place to present reports and to receive the audited financial statement.

Elections for positions on the central executive will not take place as this matter is engaging the attention of the high court of Trinidad and Tobago.

In this regard member bands are asked to ensure that their two (2) delegates are present to make a contribution to the continued growth of the steelband movement.

Registration begins at 8 a.m.


Thanking You



Pan Trinbago


Richard Forteau


Robert, go to www.pantrinbago.co.tt the notice is posted...

Are y'all serious with that notice?

Yes Patrick, dey serious. These are the minds who run Pan Trinbago.

Patrick you know the game when you do not want people to read something.


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