Pan Trinbago Holds Election of Officers

Thirty one (31) persons have offered themselves to fill the nine (9) positions in Pan Trinbago’s Election of Officers when the Organization holds its Annual General Meeting/Triennial Convention on Sunday October 25th at the Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, from 10:00 am

Of the nine offices, only one position is unopposed, that is Secretary, with the incumbent Richard Forteau as the sole nominee.

In the line –up for the election of officers to the Central Executive are:-

President – Keith Diaz, Vernon P. Morancie, Beverly Ramsey-Moore

Vice President – Bryon Serrette, Douglas Williams, Khion De Las, Ronald Mc Lean, Bernard Lares

Secretary – Richard Forteau

Assistant Secretary – Cindy Rosemin, Salisha James, Thecla Forde-Rodriquez

Education Officer – Aquil Arrindell, Cheo Cato, Michael Dinchong

Public Relations Officer -  Michael “Scobie” Joseph, Trevor Cooper,

External Relations Officer – Keith St, Cyr, Denise L.J. Hernandez, Selwyn “Parry” Paul,  Selwyn     “Fruits” Williams, Darren Sheppard

Treasurer – Anthony McQuilkin, Keith J.A. Simpson, Andrew Salvador.

Trustees- Allan “Pablo” Augustus, Trevor Reid, Edmond Berkeley, Thomas Seebreth, Alphion Byron,  Eshwarlal “Sam” Ramjitsingh.

In keeping with the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc. “Only such members of the General Body as are in good financial standing may be eligible to any office of the Association” and “Any delegated member of a financial steelband or any outgoing Central Executive Committee member shall be eligible for election to any office of the Association.”

In addition to the election of officers, other items on the agenda include Annual Reports of the Secretary, Treasurer, President, Auditor.  Registration commences from 8:00 am on Sunday 25th October.

Two (2) official delegates (financial) are eligible to participate in the proceedings and to exercise their voting powers.

The last time elections was held was in 2012.

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  • I am amazed and disturbed that with over 200 steelbands in the twin island only two people are running against Keith Diaz for President and no one is challenging Richard Forteau for the Secetary position. For years we keep hearing it is time for change and it is time for Keith Diaz and his sidekicks to go. I am only seeing two other comments here. Where is the other WST forum members and I am interested to hear their views because finally the election that we all wanted is here. 

    • ARTHUR: THIS IS A PANORAMA FORUM!!!! Go put up a post on who you think will win PANORAMA in 2016 and you will cross 100 RESPONSES.

      • This is a forum, like everything else TALK is cheap; the people on the ground whose livelihood/passion is at stake and are willing to make the sacrifices and commit to this CHANGE process will have to be the ones to sell their VISION to capture the interest of all the members. Change is NOT going to come overnight.

        The true criteria of LEADERSHIP is for the benefit of the followers. The problems I see is, people are easily caught up in personalities, you can talk a good talk. I tend to look at your track record, what have you done, are you doing what you said you were going to do, is it done, who's benefiting, you or the membership? 

  • Correction, the election carded for 2012 was postponed as a result of a HCA by four members of the New Vissionairies slate who were prevented from participating in that election by Richard Forteau.  

  • Could this be the end of the Keith Diaz REIGN OF CORRUPTION? Does Mr. Diaz have enough good credit left to get a loan from the bank and use the money to buy some votes from enough delegates to save his PRESIDENCY? The ICP allocation of $15 million was a nightmare. We fully expected to get the $35 million we asked for and then we could have cleared the books and saved some for this ELECTION BUY. After all, MONEY IS THE MOTHER'S MILK OF POLITICS.

    THE NEW VISIONARIES are already celebrating -- prancing all over this forum with a premature victory dance and already trying to silence critics.. Beverly Ramsey-Moore is 100% sure that she will be the next PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO. But I say that she has NOTHING to bring to the table. As the host of that TV show swiped (In April): That manifesto is just a set of words.

    Nobody talks about building a new website. Nobody talks about networking with the hundreds of thousands of EX PAT Trinis all over the world who could be a break-even base for music sales. Nobody talks about selling the music that has been recorded over decades and is so treasured by the "I LOVE THE PAN" assembly. Nobody talks about aggressively booking steelbands at the thousands of music festivals all over the world  every year. (That is a project that I can single-handedly execute in my sleep without even being in Trinidad once I had access to the PAN TRINBAGO platform and you have 31 intelligent people running for office who swear to love pan.) And nobody talks about making music for the outside world. Like everybody forget what STEELBANDS DO: Make music -- or at least they try!

    Talk to these candidates and they will build the most grandiose castles in the sky for you starting with PAN brining in BILLIONS. (Go tell that to Rowley because he is billions short right now as the economy crashes and the oil wells dry up and crime gets ready to explode to new heights.) But  the small projects that provide building blocks to self-sufficiency are never mentioned.

    I know that everybody on this forum is lined up behind the NEW VISIONARIES ... HOPE and CHANGE. But I can't decide the lesser of the two evils: Diaz remaining and stealing more money or Beverly winning and using the PAN TRINBAGO PLATFORM to build a political career.

    What the hell: AH SUPPORTING DIAZ ah going and say some prayers for him to win!!!

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