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Peters said to the gathered pannists, “That eyesore that we have going up on the highway...that should never be. I am one to tell them, and I told the president that too, I said the day I become the Minister of Culture in this country again...if Pan Trinbago does not do something with that place, I would personally go to Cabinet and make sure that they take it back from them and make sure they do something else for culture with it.

“And I mean it. And I don’t want that to happen.” The land was given to pan’s governing body in 2002. A 2011 newspaper report said the Kamla Persad-Bissessar government had allocated $7 million for completion of the headquarters, which had been delayed for years.

A 2013 report by a parliamentary joint select committee said the project had been at a standstill for a number of years and as a result, the steel used was deteriorating and required immediate attention. Continuing inaction, it said, would result in the loss of money already invested.

At that point the project was due to be completed in late 2013, but the committee warned, "There should be a strict deadline for the contractors to adhere to in order to ensure its completion in a timely manner." The Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) website still lists the status of the project as "conceptual."

Peters told Pan Trinbago, “Sell cake, put on pan shows” in order to do “something with that thing there.”

Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore interjected, "It is a new day. Let us not go back. It is a new executive."

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Not all pannists work after Carnival, so why not utilise the prime agricultural land to produce food crops and utilise part of the structure as a processing plant so financing the continued rebuilding of the premises for further cultural development ???

IF yuh 100% responsible you do whatever it takes...

“And if we continue to do that in our country, we will get nowhere. As a right-thinking person...I believe that the pan now I am seeing is a different direction. I am seeing that what is supposed to be done is being done, and I am paying close attention to it,” Gypsy said.

He added that he has a responsibility to ensure that when the NCC does anything, “it is done in the way that it is supposed to be done.”

Mighty Composer - Supposin'


SUPPOSE people pass and see BEVERLEY taking ADVICE from YOU and ME when she have AH THOUSAND PEOPLE in she ADVISORY COMMITTEE!!!

GYPSY done telegraph his next move: MINISTER OF CULTURE!!! All Rowley have to do is find a SAFE SEAT for him in 2020!!!

BEVERLEY like to read all the NEGATIVE things that I say, but she should read the POSITIVE ALSO. I have outlined an approach to that land more than once on THIS FORUM -- as a matter of fact, I did it again just yesterday.

So I would advise her -- right after CARNIVAL -- to hire an APPRAISER and get a MARKET VALUE assessment of the PROPERTY. Then we could go from there!!!

But it's a new day, no turning back, a new executive. What the hell does that mean?

It means that BEVERLEY and GYPSY have AH TING GOING to protect each other's reputation.

Because in the LONG RUN just as GYPSY JUMP SHIP -- BEVERLEY is planning to JUMP SHIP and run on a PNM TICKET in TOBAGO to become a MINISTER OF GOVERNMENT ... IN TRINIDAD!!!

Yuh think she care ABOUT PAN PLAYERS with her selfish LONG TERM AMBITIONS?

Gypsy said SMARTMANISM was an obstacle suppressing pan,to ensure that the pan goes forward,because everything that is supposed to be done,was stymied by the very people who were supposed to take it forward and we have another word for it ....CROOKEDNESS! Well then deal with the FORENSIC AUDIT and the people responsible for the SMARTMANISM AND CROOKEDNESS!! I saw some revealing facts about that audit on this forum,so it's around ,then deal with it and those responsible for the mess.

 at one point the then pt wanted to have it in chaguaramas

  maybe pt should sell it as i am sure there are drawbacks in building in there  in now times

 please not in the already overlloaded western peninsula


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