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Pan Trinbago Inc. will be convening an Extraordinary General Meeting

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc. will be convening an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Thursday 23rd August 2018 at the Communication Workers Union Hall, 146 Henry Street, Port of Spain, at 5:00 p.m.

Members have been given the mandatory twenty-eight (28) days prior notice of the above meeting called by the President. (Pan Trinbago Inc 1986 Constitution Article IV a).

The reasons for calling the EGM are to apprise members on several matters including Status of the Organization, Report on the Court matters and Elections 2018-2021.

In respect to the latter, members are advised that Nomination Day is Saturday 25th August, 2018 with Elections carded for Sunday 16th September 2018, at a venue and time to be announced.

It should be noted that the Secretary has been duly instructed to issue notices to bands for the upcoming meeting and election of officers.

Bands are asked to send two (2) delegates each to this very important meeting.

From the news desk of Pan Trinbago

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Hmm...  Let's see where this goes, north or south (figuratively speaking, that is)… ;-)

Andre: You say NORTH and SOUTH. But ah feel this thing going and move SIDEWAYS to the COURT HOUSE again. Except that dey done spend dey last $650,000 on lawyers fees and ah doubt dem lawyers  taking any PAN TRINBAGO CASE on CONTINGENCY.

The last time I checked it had TWO PAN TRINBAGOS: THE FORTEAU CABAL and THE KEITH DIAZ KINGDOM. So when this article say Pan Trinbago Inc. it might just be KEITH DIAZ trying another POLITICAL TRICK. And FORTEAU eh lifting ah finger to mend this fence unless them fellahs join up again to continue their EXPLOITATION of PAN PLAYERS in THE MECCA

Dey ain't even mention Pan People money.

This is to vote out the executive Cecil.

I'm letting out a big YAWN .........

Not sure which "rules of order" are used at PT meetings, but beyond their stated agenda, I'm sure the PPM (pan people money) issue will be raised, no doubt!!!

"Elections carded for Sunday 16 September 2018" ... with $22,000,000 lined up from THE DOLLY for PANORAMA 2019 ALLYUH think that ME and THE FORTEAU and THE SHEPPARD and THE JOSEPH going and HAND OVER POWER -- JUST SO.


Didn't know you have to vote them out too.


Ah heh, it's that time again (another Leston Paul arrangement)… 

Party Time Again ~ Bally

I hope all steelband members aware of the importance of band delegates.

Be very aware of their selection , since they are the ones ( in spite of all the noise ) to exercise control over the future of the organization with the power of their votes.

Get involved , or sit on your hands and do nothing.




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