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Pan Trinbago will be hosting the first ever international panorama on August 2nd 2014. Five bands from your geographical area of North America will be allowed to partake in this inaugural event primarily on a first come basis or by merit where possible.

The event will take the format of Trinidad and Tobago traditional panorama, and foreign participating bands will be afforded the facility of using racks and pans from Trinidad which will be idle at the time.

 Please respond to this email by 31 May 2013, indicating your interest, after which the following will be sent to you:

·        Rules and regulations.

·        Prize structure and appearance fees.

·        Application forms.

Please note that your response to this email is not a commitment but an intent/ interest. All commitments will be realize upon completion of the necessary application form.

For further information please contact Mr. Richard Forteau, Secretary at 623-4486 or email: tashajeremie@pantrinbago.co.tt.

Looking forward to your involvement in this historic event."

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So Cecil, What happens if the Visionaries win. Elections cancelled?



 Like Diaz know something we doh know, the man making plans for 2014 like he sure he will be still running things. I am trying to find out why they have to wait on the court to have the election. The Visionaries keeping too quiet.

who pays  for travel and accomodation? private sponsorship, governments?,the steelbands?

Hameed Shaqq, your question reminds me of the story we heard as kids, about the rats coming up with a bright idea to put a bell on the cat, so they'd know when the cat was near.

Great idea, except when the question was asked,

Who would bell the cat?

Here we go again. Pantrinbago announces another competition without providing a closure report on 2013. The strategic planning in this organization continues to be flawed. We, Pan people get excited every time a competition is announced and fail to understand that another competition in the wake of past burials( Pan in the 21st century, Pan down memory lane, World Steelpan Festival and TNT Steelpan festival) is not going to rekindle the fire in the movement. The Arrangers, Pan tuners, Owners of Steelbands and some players will be the benefactors of these poorly organized and marketed events.

Let us look at some of the flaws already exposed in this event.

1. The registration form shows dates already passed.

2. No update on the Pantrinbago web site which identified the dates in Salah's post.

3. No consideration given to activities in the international communities pertaining to the month selected.( August)

4. What are the criteria for participating bands.( eg. International bands are not members of Pantrinbago)

5. Would the number of players in each category be the same as is currently used in TNT?

6. Who will be responsible for coordinating the communication and logistics the use of equipment needed by the foreign bands.

7. Is this competition only open to NA and TNT based bands?

This appears to be the outcome of a brainstorming session within Pantrinbago without the necessary due diligence needed to guarantee a reasonable measure of success.

The organizers need to look at the history, structure, successes and failures of Panorama. What is the value of its evolution in carnival. What is the market potential outside of a carnival season? What are the objectives in staging another Panorama event?( Music, Players, Culture). Who will be the benefactors? ( Players, Audience, Sponsors). These are some of the questions to be addressed before launching another event with a wish and a prayer.                  

Very insightful comments, Selwyn Henry, especially your point about coordinating the time of  international panorama with activities in the international pan communities during the month of August.

My take on this subject is that the only way such an international event could work, and be fair to all the bands, including the ones in T&T, would be to incorporate the winners of panoramas in London, New York. Canada and other areas including the Caribbean, at the semifinals level of T&T Panorama, to compete with a fair cross-section of the T&T bands

Since pan is primarily a summer time activity in Europe and North America. the most practical time for such bands would have to be soon after Labor day, before the bands become inactive during the cold months.

To do this, we would probably have to make major changes in the current Panorama format, since IMHO two panoramas in one year isn't practical, and may lessen the overall appeal of Panorama.

Of course,the number one major change to consider would be  my old suggestion about moving the Panorama festival away from February/ March, to later in the year.

Which of course demands a whole new mindset about the future of Pan and Panorama.


In other words VIPS, VAPS. As a resident of Pan Country I am so embarrassed for this world governing body of Pan. A project like this should take at least three years of proper planning. When will they learn?

If this event is to be called"international panorama", then August is definately not the best month to have it . August may be execellent of the T&T bands but not for the bands from other caribbean countries U.S.A., Canada,U.K. simply becuase there are more panoramas occuring in these regions in the months of July-August than at  any other time of the year. It will be unfair to be asking all of these bands to be preparing for the two events at the same, their local panorama is enough stress.

Could this event be held just after T&T's carnival  when most other bands from the other major panorama centres are not so committed and the T&T bands will already be in form. Also it will be cheaper to travel at that time of the year.

This event cannot be called 'International" if it only favors one country. 

I agree if this event is called international there must be input from other countries.

In a way, this discussion highlights the advantage that T&T steelbands have over steelbands from the cold countries.

Most T&T steelbands could remain active year round if they had reason to.

In temperate zone countries like North America and England, because of climate and other factors, Carnival-Panorama type steelbands function only around the time of the local Carnival.

This would be the summer months of July and August.Since bands include many school age kids, it so happens that this is also school vacation time. 

A World Steelband Panorama festival would have to be organized with this in mind, and would definitely need coordination with the steelband authorities in these countries.


How many foreign bands can afford such a trip, would it attract countries other than USA, Canada and England?

Good points, Glenroy ... nevertheless, it is the only direction for pan to move in, especiallly if you want pan to be synonymous with Trinidad.  My primary concern (apart from logistics, transport and cost) is the sheer size of competing potential participating bands.  How can 50 players compete with 120 without some new category being created?  Or perhaps a new genre?  In the classical pan festivals, there were bands as small as 7 or 8 (e.g., Samaroo Kids), but that's because of the nature of the genre.  50 players can't go Panorama unless there are some new rules/regulations.




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