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Pan Trinbago needs $25m for 2015 steelband conference

Pan Trinbago needs $25 million to bring off the planned International Conference and Panorama (ICP) scheduled for August 2015.
The organisation’s president, Keith Diaz, made the announcement yesterday at a news conference at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.
Diaz said his line ministry (Arts and Multiculturalism) told him he should get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Tourism involved in the project.
The purpose of the conference is to establish an International Organisation for Pan with its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago.
Ground work for the conference is ongoing and Pan Trinbago has been talking with interested countries. The delegates at the conference will choose an executive for this International Organisation.


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The steelband in the Mecca is where all energies should be, the conference should be on how to make them self sufficient.

The Steelpan is not in danger, the Steelband is.

I found these comments from the Express article quite interesting...

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$25 mil for a conference ?
No problem start the cake sales and car washes.

Wasn't this the same organization that got 25million for a head office in Trincity and 35million after all they have to show for it are ten steel posts and 200 four inch concrete blocks ?
money giving way so they want their share
I am having a chutney Conference and I need $25 Million also.
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you have to set a date, advertise, then say you need the money.
I hope the government and people of T&T not so stupid and give this money to them, in fact none of these music events should get money
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PM100 96p · 9 hours ago

I have a conference to discuss conferences, and I need 2 million dollars
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Arimadon 106p · 9 hours ago

At least the "asking" is very transparent. What I terrified of is when they get it the "spending" becomes very opaque.
What is Pan Trinbago doing with all the funds they collect at shows? Why cannot this Entity be Self-Sufficient/Reliant? No money if you cannot make money. All these people move from 100,000 homes to 3 million ones.They used to ride bikes before they became Executives at Pan Trinbago now they are driving in BMWs. Ask Armin Smith from the 70s. Arnim never went to school,lived up Cook Street,John John. When he became President of Pan Trinbago he moved to Valsayn and owned shares in a Farm in the back of Arima and Boxing Promoter. where that money came from? Stop the freebies that P.N.M started.
They spend 400 million to pay criminals and killers not to kill between August 2012 - July2014 (one fella alone get 34 million to twiddle his thumbs), but the national instrument could never see 16% of that for more constructive purposes
The idea behind the conference is a very critical one, after all, it is our national and indigenous instrument. However, I am not too sure whether the amount of money requested is a justifiable one, it sound a bit exhorbitant. They must develop a sound budget which will be analysed by the Ministry of Finance, I hope. With the LifeSport fiasco one can't be sure these days of due diligence by those in charge.

Mr. Diaz who may not be as academically qualified as his predecessors appears to be the most forward thinking. I like his efforts thus far to promote our steelpan both nationally and internationally.

Keep up the good work Mr. Diaz and Pan Trinbago.
T&T has a forest of money trees. All you have to do is shake a branch and money will rain down like manna from Heaven.


Interesting indeed, the funny thing is that these people make the government look like the stupid ones for funding their activities.

pan trinbago need to have an executive election.....forget the pan trinbago distraction....they have to find the money in the private sector....


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