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Four [4] Pan Trinbago officials face Disciplinary action; two from the Central Executive and two from the Northern Region.


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I am appalled at the PanTrinbago released suspending four officers of the association.
Article 13, sub heading ‘Discipline of officers’ section B clauses 1 to 11 outline the procedures for trial. These procedures are summaries as follows:-
• A written allegation stating the offence shall be filed with the secretary
• The secretary shall prepare the charges and mail a copy to the accused officer
• A subcommittee must be appointed to examine the charges, to determine if there is merit in the charges –
• if there is merit then a trial have to be convened where the accused will have the right to be represented by counsel –
• A majority decision of the central executive shall be necessary for a verdict.
• If found guilty, the officer is entitled to appeal to the Appeals committee.
It is utter madness and a total disregard of law and justice for a depleted executive to call a meeting and suspend officers without any procedures.
Further, the officers remain active until the process is completed. Since each officer has to be dealt with separately, it means that the other officers must be part of the decision making process.
During my over forty years in steelband, i have never seen such abuse, misuse and disregard for the constitution as is being perpetrated by this outgoing executive.
Be informed that these officers are NOT SUSPENDED and any attempts to enforce a bogus suspension should be resisted.
Is the president saying I will get rid of anyone who is not with me or is she drunk with power?

 sounds like  the pm has trainees

 well its showtime

 same shit  different   strokes for different folks

 we wonder  why pan in danger

 here comes the attorneys and experts


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