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By David Maunday  - Trinidad Express

Pan Trinbago has dealt a mortal blow to its image and charter as the world governing body for pan.

The steelband body over the years has moved itself from being the “national'' Association of Trinidad and Tobago steelbandsmen to Pan Trinbago, the “world” governing body for pan.

How could an organisation which relies mainly on government subventions, which has no money and does not seem to be able to raise any money, be the world governing body for anything?

Can someone tell us where is the world governing body for piano, guitar, saxophone and trumpet?

There are more of those instruments throughout the world than there are steel pans.

This Pan Trinbago overreach merely serves to inflate the ego of some persons.

The pan was spread mainly by touring steel orchestras and nationals who settled one way or another in foreign lands. For many years steel orchestras were the ones travelling abroad; now it's the officials who travel more than the bands.

The relationship between the State and organisations such as Pan Trinbago is like that of parents whose financial support to their children did not encourage them to leave the family home, so now the parents are condemned to support those children for life, in spite of the children's alleged misbehaviour.

It should be viewed as shameful that this world governing body cannot be trusted to collect the gate receipts from their biggest paying event in the “home” of the steelband all because in the midst of all the honest hard-working pan personnel there could well be “scamps'' in concert.

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Well played David Maundy.....article on point

Gregory Lindsay: I looked at that recent interview with MICHAEL JOSEPH (The PRO of the WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN) and I could not miss the smugness with which he conducted himself -- much like a KEITH DIAZ CLONE. They know that they are IMMOVABLE so nothing really bothers them.

Not the constant barrage of criticism that comes from this forum or the occasional article in the newspaper or the infrequent letter to the editor.

On the ACTIVIST LEVEL: The New Visionaries tried and Byron Serrette tried and two Executive Members (tried by resigning) and then you and the UPPM tried. Actually, your efforts pushed them closest to the edge of the precipice but you backed off too soon and now they are fortified to withstand a nuclear attack.

But I still continue to believe (as I have stated before) that a well-designed, broad-based internet campaign  could bring down KEITH DIAZ. It will have its challenges because PAN TRINBAGO is a political organization and toes will have to be stepped on (maybe even at the top of the party) to achieve the much desired result. And I am not sure that PAN MEN can afford to take such risks -- the island is too small and too many relationships overlap.

As it stands, PAN LOVERS (both LOCAL and EXPAT) are waiting on you to FINISH THE JOB YOU STARTED!!!

..."scamps" in concert....love it bro...

Merrytones - I'm changing the name of the movie to "Scamps in Concert"


there could well be “scamps'' in concert.  as David drops mic!! 


Good name too...give meh the wuk to compose the theme song nah?...


I was going to give you a staring role in the movie, but dem fellas and ladies (Claude & Cecil & ODW & Bede & Glenroy, Lillian, Brenda, Ayesha, Patrick and others) say you are not a gangsta. They say you don't lie - you don't teef, you don't cheat, you are not afraid of women. You treat them with respect. And worst - you have a bad habit of apologizing when you wrong. And now, you don't want to use Crackshots in your band.

Merrytone it is men like you that will give Rolly Polly the big heart attack before the movie finish. Anyway, I will bring your request up to the committee and see what they say. I know you could do a good job with the theme. But dem fellas was looking for a real scamp to do the music.


allright...allright..ah get the message...since allyuh gang up on meh I done wit all ah allyuh...I goin' and see if Rolly Polly could give meh a lil end to judge junior panorama or something then...ah jest hope it doh have no "crackshots" jumping from band to band day....oh shucks ah fuhget...is school...children does only go to one school at a time...

bugs: The OSCAR NOMINATIONS were announced today. I searched UP and DOWN for your MOVIE and there was no mention of your NAME. I am going to check the RAZZLE AWARDS which came out yesterday -- maybe you made it on that list. As they say: Any press is good press.

merrytonestothebone wants the contract to do the theme song and the next thing you know once he gets the job he running by dem (CRACKSHOTS) Leston Paul and Pelham Goddard and Jonathan Scales begging for help.

Now now there Claude....you know I will never go against my word and support "crackshots"...please stop reporting "alternative facts"...

Love it Merrytones.  That Rolly Polly defender is the first one out with that "alternative facts" business. Claude thinks he can get away with anything since he has D'Photo on his side.


bugs: It look like ah have to come up with a defense for MICHAEL JOSEPH too. Once I get a better understanding of how exactly the "MARDII GRAS" is trying to snatch power from the "CANBOULAY."

merrytones and bugs: Since allyuh so au courant on the Yankee Politics -- ah have ah good one this morning.

Chelsea Handler (comic and talk show host) said that she would not interview the First Lady (Melania Trump) because "she can barely speak English."

She went on to say that Tim Kaine (Democratic VP Candidate) delivered a speech entirely in Spanish -- and it was still easier to understand than Melania.


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