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Published on Jan 23, 2017, 9:00 pm AST

By David Maunday

Pan Trinbago has dealt a mortal blow to its image and charter as the world governing body for pan.

The steelband body over the years has moved itself from being the “national'' Association of Trinidad and Tobago steelbandsmen to Pan Trinbago, the “world” governing body for pan.

How could an organisation which relies mainly on government subventions, which has no money and does not seem to be able to raise any money, be the world governing body for anything?

Can someone tell us where is the world governing body for piano, guitar, saxophone and trumpet?


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When will the MINISTER OF CULTURE put a hand and start cleaning house and reshaping the "global" image of PAN TRINBAGO? Pan Lovers (Local and Foreign) are just dying inside watching the STAGNATION and CORRUPTION and INEPTITUDE of this KEITH DIAZ led GOVERNING BODY of STEELBAND.

The CIP tried to shake up things but they lacked the POLITICAL SKILL AND WILL to play outside the RULE BOOK -- like Mr. Keith Diaz does (and gets rewarded for doing so).

So many PAN LOVERS (at home and abroad) put so much energy and money and time and passion into making STEELBAND MUSIC  a WONDER OF THE WORLD only to let ONE CORRUPT and UNSCRUPULOUS DICTATOR submerge THE  MOVEMENT in an OCEAN OF DISGRACE.

How could the erudite MINISTER OF CULTURE not be aware of this crisis? And what in the world would prevent her from taking a stand to SAVE THE PAN?

Mi Amigo, I'd  riterated to U months ago that a frensic audit is "not gonna Happen", and did it? the Doctor Dolly is in it up to her draws,, I'm gonna post a 2010 News Day  Section implementing $32 million for Pan, Mas, and Calypso, out of a piece of the pie of $122 million they said...

Every word here....tragically so true.....when will the Minister bell this cyat

Maunday;, Pedrito here,  Y R U wasting your time with these IMP'S?  did'nt you learn anything  in Pan Am North Stars from Anthony Williams?  let these ppl alone and let them self distruct...

Oh my, my, my. "the ship be sinking".

Life rafts, life boats anyone?


Thank GOD somebody found out.

"The relationship between the State and organizations such as Pan Trinbago is like that of parents whose financial support to their children did not encourage them to leave the family home, so now the parents are condemned to support those children for life, in spite of the children's alleged misbehavior."

Some say a good parent TEACHES a child to walk and KNOWS when to walk away, same in the animal kingdom. There are those who understand how critical the “NESTING” period is towards a child reaching its fullest POTENTIAL both mentally and physically, This Adult TADPOLE (thanks RP) is suffering from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT as a result.

Singing Sandra - On reaching fifty - T&T CALYPSO


well at least i don't have to write and articles this week. thanks to mr . Will and now mr Maunday. the half full glass is evident .


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