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Trinidad and Tobago Newsday 

Norman Christie, left, president BpTT, presents the awards for Small Bands PanoramaChampion 2013 to Carlene Thomas and Daryll Bernard of Arima Golden SymphonyTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago, in celebrating its 50th anniversary, paid tribute to some of Trinidad and Tobago’s outstanding arrangers, tuners and steel bands in a gala awards ceremony at Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s, on Friday night.
It was 50 years ago, to the very day, that the preliminaries of the very first Panorama was held with 42 steel bands. Today, 12 of these steel bands still participate in Panorama every year at Carnival - Casablanca, City Kids, Desperadoes, Hatters, Invaders, Our Boys, Pan North Stars (winner of the first Panorama), Merrytones, Renegades, Starlift, San Juan Allstars and Southern Marines.
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 As they pay tribute to stalwarts I hope that they mindful that people are asking the question "where is the steelband in carnival" the president of Pantrinbago said that you have to know where you came from to know where you are going, I wonder if he would like to answer the question?

Kudos to Pan Trinbago for their Pan Award Show of February 22nd 2013. I am aware that many more may have contributed to the success of Panorama over the last 50 years than the following two men.                                                                     However, I would like Pan Trinbago to be aware of the following.

Mr. Rupert Phillip is the only percussionist that performed at all 50 Panorama Preliminaries from 1963 through 2012.  Mr. Phillip is the only one that performed at 43 of 44 Panorama Semi Finals from 1968 through 2012.     Mr. Phillip is the only one that performed at 45 out of 49 Panorama Finals from 1963 through 2012.

Mr. Rupert Phillip passed on in December, 2012.  (2) Mr. Dennis "Tash" Ash is the only pannist to perform at 44 of 50 Panorama Finals from 1963 through 2013. Both members of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.

Mr. Errol Ramah has played at every panorama since 1963 including this year

Who is Errol Ramah, may I ask? (probably from South?)

Bede, Errol Ramah is from St James, he played with Silver Stars in the 60s, now you will find him anywhere Ray is.

Thks Cecil for the info

is it that All Stars was left out of this list on purpose, or is it that Pan Trinbago officials are trying to be spiteful? It is alleged that All Stars  were informed that they would be playing ay "Champs in Concert" on Friday afternoon , a day before the show. Check this out Courts Laventille Sound Specialist were practising for the show since Thursday after Carnival.

Is this treatment meted out to All Stars because Mr. Forteau has tried to indicate to the Court that All Stars is an unfincial band?, and Ramesh lawrence Maharajh had Forteau admitting that Pan Trinbago owed All Stars prize money from the previous year? Why then was All Stars allowed to participate in Panorama competition of 2012 and 2013.. or is it that Pan Trinbago has sssssssssooo much of Government and Pan men and women money that they are spending more court fees by Appealing cases  against its' membership. remember members whatever funds misused could have gone to assist the needs of bands in the Organisation, or pay off interest on Loans they have made.


I would like to know "where are the East Indinas in Pan today " I remember the days of

Steve Achiba ,Boby Mohamed, Jit Samaroo, Bendix Comabatch I also rember the days when all

steelbands both north and south was Multicultural what has changed why are mostly

afro- trinidadians beating pan in trinidad today. As a young man in the 50's and early 60's

my band had a person of every etnic trini background you can find  what happened

Whwe are the Indians ,Potuguese Spanish, Serians, and the Chaniese?

there must be a young generation of these people still living in trinidad I see them on

stage every carnival monday and tuesday playing mass why are they not beating Pan 

can anybody answer that question .


aldwyn jones, you have asked a good question, if you really want an answer you should start a discussion with it.

Very Good observation Mr. Jones. I distinctly remember in 1966 when the Queen came to Trinidad, Guiness Cavaliers had theirs pans parked around the Memorial Park, I always remember how many east Indians were playing in the Guitar Range. 

But back to your observation, Do you pay attention to the attendees at these shows? especially the Finals.

I just saw that Mr. C. Kirk stated that Mr. Errol Ramah also performed at all Panoramas from 1963 to 2013. This is history that needs to be also documented.  Mr. Kirk, can you contact me or Mr. Ramah yourself.  I am sometimes accused of saying that I feel that I am the only one who knows about pan. I have never believed that and I have never said that to anyone. However, if data is out there, it must be shared. PAN DOCUMENTATION MUST LIVE ON. We must be open, if anyone else has data, bring it to the table. On the other hand, you must be sure. Hear-say can compromise history, and that should never be.

So again, I can be contacted at (754) 779-7547 or (954) 496-5005. I am back up in Florida.

Thanks all. 


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