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Pan Trinbago plans J’Ouvert for Panorama semis

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - [Some weeks] after being elected Pan Trinbago president, Beverly Ramsey-Moore is predicting that Panorama 2019, under her watch, will be the best ever.

"We will have a Panorama next year and I look forward to this being the best Panorama," she told Newsday.

One of the possible new features of the event will be the staging of what the organisation is calling a Savannah Party J'Ouvert Jam from midnight to 10 am on February 17 at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. This will be held before the semi-finals of the Panorama competition.

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Please also add, and make mandatory, no pans on trucks. Let them roll on the ground.
Thank you

A BIGGER PLAN in store: One that sees the activity [PANORAMA -- THE BE ALL and END ALL of PAN] as a viable commercial entity that will ultimately sustain the organisation.

Keith Diaz opened his administration by saying: PAN will make more MONEY than OIL!!!

THE BEV opened her administration by saying: PANORAMA (revised to her vision) will be able to sustain PAN TRINBAGO.

When ah tell yuh: PAN IN DANGER!!!

This is great news, however will it be live streaming for expats who are unable to be in T&T.

I do not understand why the top bands will risk the possibility of not moving pass the semis. Or, are the bands who think they do not have a good chance of making the semis are the bands that will take part in this proposed Savannah Party J'Ouvert?

Don't question THE EMPRESS, Ian Franklin!!!

No band with any sense will participate in this. Bands and players already can't get pay for Panorama.  


Having the town bands roll through the savannah for the preliminaries would have attracted more of the general population, mom, dad, old, young. The Semis is already successful.

Bad, bad, and more bad Ms. President.  This idea will be known as your equivalent of Rolly Polly bringing the swimming pool to the Greens.  The semi finals is already a very exhausting event. The people who told you this was a good idea should be flogged. 

Also why have you not eliminated the small band and single pan bands from the Panorama season?  Do you not have anyone on staff to tell you that keeping the small bands and single pan bands around in the Panorama season will eventually sink your ship,  moreover this does not make business sense?

If you want to elevate the status of the medium bands move them into the large category.

Marcus Ash please tell the president that too much of anything that the people do not support is a recipe for failure.


Eliminating small and single bands is the same as eliminating votes.

Allyuh eh treating BEVERLEY nice at all!!!

This Savannah Party J'Ouvert Jam took a lot of planning and the bill was passed by a margin of 37-0 after a vote including all executives from REGIONAL and CENTRAL.

The show WILL GO ON as planned!!!

Our studies show that TRINIS love their PANORAMA more than anything else on earth -- and yuh know dey love to PARTY. So giving them a MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT FETE will be a DREAM COME TRUE.

... and I am looking forward to this being the best Savannah Party J'Ouvert Panorama semi-finals ever!!!

Ah get so much shit for saying the Savannah Party J'Ouvert is ah bad idea ah decide to change meh opinion and say it's ah good idea. Like that's what some people want to hear.


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