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Pan Trinbago's CEO revokes Office Manager's duties

From the news desk of Pan Trinbago

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PanTrinbago makes St.Anns Psychiatric Hospital feels like is an outpatient clinic.oui


What exactly does this mean in terms of the daily operation of Pan Trinbago? And what does this mean in terms of the ongoing depute between Pan Trinbago and it members. Can the police be brought in to remove D'Photo?


Well at least dey makin' the news kinda regularly...So yeah....Whatever...Steupsss!!....

Hey Mr. Rolly & Polly
This gansta called D'Photo is really becoming problematic and giving you horrors.

Well according to the 2011 tune by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, Do Something for Pan - the solution is really simple.

Verse 3

Do something for pan
Melville they should ban
Do something for pan
Do something for pan
Do something for pan
Do something for pan
Events Manager
Is a next failure
But he money made
While we pan-men remain unpaid
Champs in Concert is about Pan
Cham-pi-on band get fifteen grand
But you gave three times dat to Bunji an’ Fay-Ann
No, No, No Mr. Diaz
No, No, No Mr. Diaz
Doh bite the hand,
Dat does always feed Pan-man
Go, Go, Go Mr. Diaz
Town say so Mr. Diaz
Go, an’ when yuh leaving, take yuh Photo


Time for DOCTOR DOLLY to step in and DISSOLVE THE CORPORATION!!! But the truth is that right now she looking for another TWENTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS to hand over to DIAZ and FORTEAU for PANORAMA 2019.

34 million in debt; plus another 7 million short fall from PANORAMA 2018. So we could easily reach 50 million in debt by the end of PANORAMA 2019.

If the money was trickling down to the PAN MEN you could have understood DOCTOR DOLLY taking a hands-off policy ("keeping an eye on the situation"). But it is a HANDFUL of men stealing MILLIONS in BROAD DAY LIGHT and she cannot claim to NOT KNOW THAT!!!

So, in my books, she is complicit!!!

But who cares?


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