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Exodus would have to stick to their original song selection for the Panorama finals.

Pan Trinbago’s executive and the Panorama committee decided at a meeting this afternoon that the band would not be allowed to change its song.

Exodus announced...that they would be dropping Superblue’s Rag Storm for Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass. Arranger Pelham Goddard started teaching the band the new song on Wednesday  Tuesday night.

Speaking to Loop following the meeting, Pan Trinbago President Beverley Ramsey-Moore said even though the 2019 rules are silent on the change of song, it gives the executive and the Panorama committee the power to treat with any matters the rule is silent on.

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So how exactly does the members of the executive not recuse themselves from participating in this decision. So many conflicts of interest here. At least three of the executives are competing members in the competition.

Looks like a new set of gangstas are in town.

Exodus once sued Pan Trinbago and won. But for some reason Mr. Ainsworth chose to settle for one dollar. I hope he sues them again. This time when he wins, he should completely bankrupt them and put them out of their misery.

Just another set of unprincipled gangstas.


In a nutshell.

Look like we have a LAW SUIT against PAN TRINBAGO.

If I was Ainsworth Mohammed ah was going to NOT SHOW UP and then SUE PAN TRINBAGO.



I hope your boy Marcus Ash along with Dane Gulston and Ms Hernandez recused themselves from the decision.   

Even Jeff Sessions new enough and he was a dishonest, evil devil.


Pan Trinbago ruling: Exodus can’t change song for the finals. This is another contentious issue on the plate of Pan Trinbago to marinate in. Rules and guidelines must be written and not based on subjectivity, moods, wimps or fancy. Next is the vocalization of songs in the middle of arrangements; should that fall in the entertainment slot or judged in the overall point accumulation of the song? Stipulate in writing and then you would leave no room for tabey and warbling.

Jealousy is not nice but it is very UGLY

Jealousy is ugly

It would be interesting to see the grounds on which Pan Trinbago came to this judgment. Exodus is incurring all the risks viz. 2 weeks instead of 2 months to complete, learn and perform a new arrangement; facing the judges with the arrangement for the first time as opposed to the feedback received at the prelims and semi-finals. What do Pan Trinbago and the other finalists risk? 

It is a sad day for the Steelband Fraternity to make such a contentious decision when it’s early days for this new administration . There is no reason why this should not have been allowed  the Fraternity needs a reason why this was not agreed to.


"It is a sad day for the Steelband Fraternity to make such a contentious decision when it’s early days for this new administration ."

Well this stinks...so much for the 24 hours of excitement! If a band could pull it off, I say let them.

Why would a band change the  tune of choice in the midst of a competition. It should be written down in the rules from now on that this should not be allowed.  Exodus can change or deduct parts of the arrangements from the tune of choice. That  is allowable. If this remains without a written agreement in the rules of the competition, we would see many bands changing their tunes of choice in the middle of the competition.  If it goes to court it won't also be approved. Its in quite bad mismanagement and taste so to do. The moral of the story is when you make a decision especially where the external world is involved it should be made with the strictest of discipline that this is your choice factor.Music is not a football game where you can change an entire team. Exodus has got to get it together or stay out of the  competition this year. All they need to do is change the arrangements entirely and that will tantamount to changing most of the tune. Isn't it?  That's the best they can do.


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