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Exodus would have to stick to their original song selection for the Panorama finals.

Pan Trinbago’s executive and the Panorama committee decided at a meeting this afternoon that the band would not be allowed to change its song.

Exodus announced...that they would be dropping Superblue’s Rag Storm for Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass. Arranger Pelham Goddard started teaching the band the new song on Wednesday  Tuesday night.

Speaking to Loop following the meeting, Pan Trinbago President Beverley Ramsey-Moore said even though the 2019 rules are silent on the change of song, it gives the executive and the Panorama committee the power to treat with any matters the rule is silent on.

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In 1977 Potential Symphony changed their tune after the prelims (I can't remember the name though) and played "Tourist Leggo"...It was not an issue back then....So what is the problem now?

There are no rules or regs preventing them from so doing? Why should execs who have horses in the race, make the decision? 

well  even if it goes to court to stop d panorama

 no judge  as years gone by will ever rule to stop a panorama final

 you mad mad they more than  mad

 new thing

 whats wrong with changing the  song they cant win anyway

That is what I say: They cannot win ANYWAY!!!

So why LOOK FOR ATTENTION -- as if yuh not getting enough as PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO.

Hear what ah next poster say:

I'm with Exodus on this one. No rule exists to prevent change of tune. To let the executive decide on matters where there is no rule allows for vie-qui-vie decisions, one ruling one season, an opposite decision the next. Let Exodus do its thing this year and either close the loophole in good time for next season with proper discussion and consultation among the fraternity or let it be the new way forward.

The executive could be biased also. It consists of players and execs of other bands in the finals. Whapin? They skeered? Let the band play and make your amendments after panorama. Doh start with no foolishness. Law suit please.

What could have influenced Exodus making such a decision to change their tune midway in the competition, also what made Pantrinbago determine that Exodus couldn't in the absence of some rule stating that they couldn't The only group or body which would suffer by Exodus's decision is Exodus and their players who have sacrificed hundreds of hours preparing for this event and some of their disappointed supporters, certainly not Pan Trinbago or the other competing Steel band orchestras,The Pan body is wrong to have made such a decision in the absence of rules prohibiting such irrational steps as Exodus .


She is going to be FORCED to OVERTURN that decision and let EXODUS play SAVANNAH GRASS!!!

But it just exposes WHO SHE IS at HEART!!!

Exodus thought they could cheat the system. I am satisfied with the outcome, a small step to move pan forward. High standards are expected in all competitions, cheating is not one of them.

How are they cheating the system? They are playing one tune. The judges are judging one tune.

Has this not been done before? I seem to remember a band changing their tune of choice during a Panorama once before. I can't remember which band it was.

Setting a bad precedent. Now they want to tell you what to play. I smell a lawsuit coming and it's justified.

Mercer: I could FORGIVE Beverley because she is a country girl who doh understand TOWN -- but what kinda ah MANICOU MEN she have on THAT EXECUTIVE that could NOT STAND UP TO HER and tell her that she going down ah DARK AND DANGEROUS ALLEY in TRINIDAD.

Ah sure she go CAPITULATE TO THE PRESSURE and LET EXODUS play dey SAVANNAH GRASS -- she could always stay ahead of the game by having THE JUDGES PUT DEM in LAST.or WAY DOWN THE FIELD ... and MOVE ON!!!


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