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Exodus would have to stick to their original song selection for the Panorama finals.

Pan Trinbago’s executive and the Panorama committee decided at a meeting this afternoon that the band would not be allowed to change its song.

Exodus announced...that they would be dropping Superblue’s Rag Storm for Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass. Arranger Pelham Goddard started teaching the band the new song on Wednesday  Tuesday night.

Speaking to Loop following the meeting, Pan Trinbago President Beverley Ramsey-Moore said even though the 2019 rules are silent on the change of song, it gives the executive and the Panorama committee the power to treat with any matters the rule is silent on.

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This was done before by Solo Harmonites. They changed from 'My Connie' (Sparrow)to 'Steel and Brass' (King Wellington)
So this means a precedent has been established, and I would imagine that Exodus would have a very strong case in the event of legal action. This is another bacchanal rising up to bite the pan organization in the rear.
Just think of the chaos if all the bands changed their tunes from prelim to semis to finals. Where would the fans be in this melee?

There'd be no chaos if they fix the problem, after panorama.

I wonder if Pantrinbago revisited the HISTORY OF PAN to see if the decision of EXODUS to change their TUNE OF CHOICE in mid stream ever happened before making that DRASTIC DECISION After all Solo Harmonites did it successful in 1973 when they change their TUNE from My Connie to Steel and Brass after the Semi Finals and placed third in the Finals. And remember at that time it was a shorter time period just a fews days between Semis and Finals YEARS AGO. What is good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER!!!
The fans do not select the tunes for the bands. They like it or they don't. There's no rule saying that you cannot change you tune. The tune is the prerogative of the band.

Carib Tokyo changed their song to Jump Judges Jump for the finals in 1977. They did ok in the semis but failed to impress the judges for the finals. Maybe wrong song?

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