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Pan Trinbago - Tentative Calendar of Events Carnival /Panorama 2020

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WHEN STEEL TALKS: Because BEVERLEY'S EXECUTIVE IS BACKWARD and cannot spell "CALENDAR" it does not mean that we have to SPELL "CALENDAR" (as "CALENDER") in our HEADLINE like BACKWARD BEVERLEY!!!


Mr claud....... ease up nah. 

Aquil, the last time I tried to correct bad spelling and improper English in my band, I was called an "old detractor". I guess MR. Claude better watch out. It cyar be right if it wrong, eh?

well I cyah spell to save meh life so a begging for them. Leave meh president alone 

Aquil Arrindell: Where have you been (Whey yuh been)? I want to conduct an INTERVIEW with you (in your capacity as ARRANGER and EDUCATOR for SAN CITY STEELBAND) to gain some insight into the needs and aspirations of STEELBANDS across TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.

Marie Toby was supposed to be doing that project -- but everything BEVERLEY burns to ashes.

After we complete the interview we will send it to PAN TRINBAGO for modification to see if see if we could define some parameters for standardizing the interview. Then it can be applied NATIONWIDE ... yuh know that I am obsessed with PAN PROGRESS -- how yuh want me to ease up ... yuh want meh to STAY BACKWARD like THAT WOMAN!!!

Aquil: ah just think of a JOKE -- you could be the PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO ... yuh just spell CLAUDE as CLAUD ... does not take much!!!



I am in a diversifying transition.(hope you appreciate that big term)

This pan thing NOT MAKING SENSE in its present state.

But as soon as I figure out how to make sense of it I will share it with all my pan family. 

Go easy on meh president while I do my do. 

Planning for 2020 but no financial reports for 2019 Panorama, even for the concert they had full control of. And the Forensic Financial Report still under wraps. This administration is a joke......what is the plan to pay off the millions in debt?

Who cares??? PANORAMA 2020 we will be there...

Father Knows Best - The Right Honorable Dr Eric Williams

Can anyone please share with this global forum their interpretation, or alternatively the meaning of the following words;

D R A F T                      T E N T A T I V E

In terms of Organizational culture their meaning could be similar to describing arithmetic 1 and 1 could be eleven...

David Rudder - Welcome To Trinidad

DRAFT: A cold breeze..."Mind how yuh stand up bare-back in front de 'fridge, yuh go ketch a DRAFT"

TENTATIVE: Undecided..."Should I leave de 'fridge door open and go get a jersey...Or put on a jersey then come back and open de 'fridge door...


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