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Pan Trinbago unhappy with plans to scrap North Stand

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Beverley Ramsey-MooreTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. -The absence of the North Stand may save the National Carnival Commission [NCC] significant money, but without a viable alternative, it may cost Pan Trinbago millions in ticket revenue.

President of Pan Trinbago Beverley Ramsey-Moore told the Guardian in a phone interview that the decision to scrap the North Stand most directly affected her organisation, as apart from regular patrons, several companies negotiate packages with Pan Trinbago concerning the North Stand for Panorama.

"We stand to lose if the North Park is constructed as proposed.

"I have raised it with NCC, I have raised it also with my staff and we expect that whatever design is put forward will ensure that Pan Trinbago's events are not affected," said Ramsey-Moore, who said that she understood and welcomed change but that it should not come at the expense of pan as the other interest groups would not be as greatly affected as Pan Trinbago."  

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Gypsy is bad for Steelband, here he is again interfering with potential revenue for Pan Trinbago. and what about all the young people who enjoyed pan in the north stand?

Gypsy...as Minister of Culture. Row over remittance $$$ Pan Body Threatens to Panorama boycott.


Well Gypsy did say many years ago he doesn't like pan.


Oh my, why can't we spend $4million so that Pan Trinbago could make $3 million? Whats wrong with that? Gypsy may not like Pan, but his economics seem ok to me.

Revenue for Pan Trinbago, at what cost?

Everybody on this forum blaming GYPSY but I lifted these lines from the Express editorial posted by Pan Times!!!

If the emphasis is on a rebranding of the overall festival, making it more appealing to patrons, as the current leadership of the NCC insists is the case, the loss of the North Stand appears to be a small price to pay for such a larger, grander ambition.

Do you begin to re-brand a festival a month before it is carded to begin? This is insanity.  I agree that re-branding carnival is necessary, but 2019 changes should have been announced at the launch of carnival 2018 not now. 

It is the mas bands [1%ers]  making big money killing the carnival, they are the ones Gypsy should target but he sees the Steelband as a low fence.

Actually, what intrigued me the most about this article is the use of the term "my staff" from the mouth of the EMPRESS.

When it was the ELECTION CAMPAIGN it was "TEAM REBUILD" -- today it is 'MY STAFF" ... allyuh have no idea who allyuh put to run that office.

But allyuh sure to find out!!!

Claude, ah hearing yuh LOUD and CLEAR.  Baboolal wasn't just babbling.

For a few years after they had panorama in south and then brought it back to the Savannah, there was no north stand. 

I hated it...

Noah -- Did the removal of the North Stand impact on the acoustics of the event?


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