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Pan Trinbago unhappy with plans to scrap North Stand

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Beverley Ramsey-MooreTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. -The absence of the North Stand may save the National Carnival Commission [NCC] significant money, but without a viable alternative, it may cost Pan Trinbago millions in ticket revenue.

President of Pan Trinbago Beverley Ramsey-Moore told the Guardian in a phone interview that the decision to scrap the North Stand most directly affected her organisation, as apart from regular patrons, several companies negotiate packages with Pan Trinbago concerning the North Stand for Panorama.

"We stand to lose if the North Park is constructed as proposed.

"I have raised it with NCC, I have raised it also with my staff and we expect that whatever design is put forward will ensure that Pan Trinbago's events are not affected," said Ramsey-Moore, who said that she understood and welcomed change but that it should not come at the expense of pan as the other interest groups would not be as greatly affected as Pan Trinbago."  

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I never noticed but the acoustics on stage are never good to begin with, lol... and out front is all PA.

Definitely impacted the vibe though, as I remember looking behind me while playing and seeing...nothing. I think they had some tents set up behind the stage.

You are being kind - the acoustics are awful.

Hopefully they will take into consideration the vibes and tradition when they come up with a suitable replacement for a background.

Sad, sad.  This is a pan event which the North Stands atmosphere is none to be have anywhere during the Carnival season.  Yes, this will greatly affect the revenue for pan and the way people look forward to attending Panorama at the Savannah. This should not happen Panorama without the North Stands will kill the spirit of Panorama.

As I said before this is not the first time they did this. To be honest, these days while the north stand is pretty full at semis I can attest that come finals it's far less so. And forget it if you play late, there may as well be no north stand to begin with. It's certainly a semifinals tradition for all the party crowd and cooler posses and whatever but not so for finals when they are other party options to choose from being carnival Saturday.


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