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Trinidad and Tobago Newsday 

-  Joan Rampersad

She dropped the ball on pan in Carifesta’

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.

Pan Trinbago is most upset with Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, as well as the producer and promoter of the Island Beats concert that will bring the curtain down on Carifesta XIV on August 24.

The show, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, will feature international stars Shaggy, Kassav, Calypso Rose, Machel Montano and other local acts.

But Pan Trinbago feels it is sad that pan will not be represented at the concert, except for the playing of the national anthem.

A fiery Dane Gulston, Pan Trinbago’s external relations officer, blasted the minister for her response.

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Jean Michel Jarre's concert in Paris on 14th July 1990 entered the record books as having attracted the biggest ever crowd to a free rock concert. Over two million exuberant fans crammed the narrow streets of central Paris to enjoy an evening of great music and stunning visual effects. ... This concert spectacular transformed the skyscrapers and surrounding buildings of 'La Defense' into living sculptures through the magic of giant projections, spectacular lighting effects, lasers and fireworks, all synchronised with the music from the central pyramidical stage. A harmonious combination of the past and the present, the baroque and the high tech, ecology and technology, a vision of the Opera of the 21st century.

A Steelband brought down the curtain.
  2. Register an official PANTRINBAGO complaint with the Ministry and make it public.
    Don't forget to detail the history; including the Tobago so-called 'JAZZ' Festivals that continues to highlight SOCA 
    and relegates PAN, that is recognized as a Jazz Solo instrument worldwide, to a sideline act, neglecting our internationally recognized solo jazz players.
    And BTW rejected a suggestion from a well known local Jazz artist to link foreign artists to local PAN ARTISTS as a
    way of helping to promote the instrument.
  3. Refuse the urgent calls to play for their diplomatic and social gatherings as a form of protest.
  4. Pan People add your voices to the protest.

Pan People do not protest or don't  know how to protest. That's why they are exploited from the panyards to 


Once again, Pan is not even in the minds of the very people who are supposed to take it forward in the country of its origin.  It does not surprise me at all that other countries are more appreciative of the instrument than its homeland.

Dy Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Trini culture include Pan so thank you for showing us just what you really think about pan .... I hope I don't bump into you at Panorama 2020 with "whatever t-shirt you want to hijack for the night".

Pan Trinbago, and Dane in particular, you should make it your business to ensure that Pan was included at all and any events held in Trinidad or Tobago so don't bother to be vexed with anyone.  Pan Trinbago definitely dropped the ball here so coming back with a counter event doesn't make any sense.

Medium Band Finals in Tobago is eventually going to be bigger than the Jazz Festival, DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

There is an British saying that goes:  "You couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery"  That is exactly how I feel today.  All the Pan opportunities that Pan Trinbago have missed is totally unacceptable.

I questioned this exclusion from Day One. I'm surprised that this is NOW making news. PAN? Know yuh place. PanTrinbago, yuh late, but not too late to show yuh mettle.

So, Pan is not seen as an integral and important part of Caribbean Cultural Expressions???  What disrespect for the National Instrument...  Then they gasp and wonder why many call for "action"...  At Expo 67, steelpan was on the world stage and one of the biggest draws, day-after-day and night-after-night...

Well me and DOCTOR DOLLY finally agree on SOMETHING: “Pan? Pan on stage with Shaggy and Machel?”

I cannot believe that DOLLY really say that ... ah have to hear the tape and validate her voice before I believe it. But if she really say that she just make a NEW FRIEND!!!

Ah taking back everything BAD ah ever say about DOCTOR DOLLY!!!

And ah giving JOHN ARNOLD a little HANDSHAKE for that line: "They looking for super artistes."



Last time I check The Bev owe Doc Dolly millions.

Please remember this is not a western. This is a gangsta movie. Doc Dolly shutdown Rolly Polly, D'Photo and other gangstas.  And they will be soon be going to club-jail.


Claude...Let me give you a story...of how we Trini view our beloved instrument...Mind you this story is in now way an indictment against David Rudder, (as you would see eventually) but it is simply how I dare say most Trini regard "Pan"...When Mr Rudder celebrated his 50th birthday a few years ago he sought sponsorship for the event from Guardian Life, where I was then employed as a graphic artist. I did not attend the show and when it was re-broadcast on the radio some time afterwards I cringed in horror on hearing "Pan" substituted by keyboards in all of Rudder's performances. When his representative (who I know personally for many years and who I also would not name) came to collect the cheque for advertisement in the commemorative brochure, I enquired why that was done when we had so many panmen that coud have done the job...He quite calmly replied..."We go do that for the next 50 years."...

As the Grenadians so aptly put it..."Is so we dey"...

I doh know what allyuh complaining about...

merrytonestothebone: I got so caught up in the formality of your writing style that when you juxtaposed with the payoff line using dialect -- I had to read the line twice to GET THE PUNCH (as comedian Andy Kaufman used to say).

But when I got it I laughed too bad!!!

That is ah good one!!! Gih meh meh cheque and doh bother meh (with that PAN STUPIDINESS), eh!!!

What is so psychologically interesting (in an intrinsic cultural way) is the way this story bookends with the comment by DOCTOR DOLLY.

I would guess that is why it came to mind!!!

Some time ago, we spoke to David Rudder and his band and referenced the same thing.  We suggested he should consider hiring a "panist-musician" who could just as easily accomPANy the band on stage with the e-pan.  Check-back in 50 years or so...

Required reading to comprehend the stories of how Jamaican Reggae music conquered the world and remains just as pervasive, entrenched, sustainable and recognized, to this day.  In spite of how our T&T artforms are known to have influenced its birth and development.


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