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NGO to hold town hall meeting on March 7

Panicle Ltd, an NGO aimed at providing support systems for the steelbands of T&T and their membership, will host its George “Sonny” Goddard Inaugural Steelband Town Hall Meeting on March 7, from 1 pm, at the Starlift House of Music, Mucurapo Road Extension, Woodbrook. The event is free and open to the public. One of Goddard’s four sons, George Gerard, said on Wednesday: “The steel drum is one of the contributions that we, as the people of the Republic of T&T, have given to the rest of the world. This town hall meeting aims to address the reasons for that phenomenon.” Apart from George Gerard and his elder brother David George, Panicle also includes members of Hugh Borde’s family, with Emile Borde, his son, as one of its directors.

Hugh was the pioneer of Tripoli Steel Orchestra and was closely associated with Goddard when he served as president of the National Association of T&T Steelbandsmen (NATTS) and Pan Trinbago. The members of Panicle have sought to perpetuate the George Goddard legacy. George Gerard said: “In keeping with the Goddard legacy, we aim to begin an open debate on the issues affecting the local steelbands and their membership, and produce workable solutions to positively affect those issues. “This town hall meeting aims to catalyse the building of relationships, to listen to all sides of arguments and to be able to walk away with a feeling of unity and collective purpose.” He added: “This town hall meeting opens the opportunity for branding T&T as the home of our national instrument.”

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George, we have approx. 12 more days for March, 7 - Pan Times posted this article, are you confirming this article to be legit. Who is Panicle Ltd ? you never mention this Company before. Can you elaborate on the AGENDA of what taking place at the Town Hall Meeting.


After 11 hours thanks for replying to the post that was CHANGE from the original post...CRONYISM have no place in TT Steelband...

Good to see that your EYES ARE OPEN. I was worried about YOU for a few hours!!!

All you do on WST forum is SHOO SHOO imagine you the the rest of TALKERS on WST turn your head the other way about this BOGUS overnight company Panicle, Ltd typical Trinis, HAVE NO BALLS continue being USED....and continue SHOO SHOOING....

Does it matter who is responsible for putting on the meeting? 

Gavin: Go back and read your OWN POSTS!!! You were one of the BIGGEST SUPPORTERS of the MEETING. You also came on this forum once patting yourself on the back for having made a study of the TRINIDADIAN and his behavior.

Now yuh get MAMAGUY and yuh acting surprised. I don't see how you could have misread this one. I could see somebody like Corey Morgan who is trying to figure out the culture and adapt to it  swallowing the bait hook line and sinker and ending up in a frying pan.



Claude, you Cecil and others question this arrangement from day one, I went along with the idea PROMOTING OPEN DIALOGUE with WST forum about the Town Hall Meeting, I am in Trinidad and the first news about the meeting appear on The Guardian last week, Pan Times pick it up, it appear for about 10 hrs and the post change, with this MAMAGUY post by Ghost.

THIS IS WHAT TICK ME OFF - THE BLATANT COVER-UP by Pan Times and Claude, Cecil, and others read the Guardian story and kept quiet...

So Gavin you think we should take up we marbles and go home. I say lets stick around and see what's cookin.

Gavin: I have to leave you alone on this one!!! You are already changing the facts. Cecil NEVER EVER questioned this arrangement. He supported it wholeheartedly (along with everybody else) and continued to do so even under this posting.

I paid you a courtesy when I saw that nobody answered your post and tried to straighten your head in the right direction. 

On this and many other issues I have been alone on my side of the bank. Yuh swallow epiphany bait and town hall bait and now yuh choking on it and you want to blame ME.

Man thinking about PANORAMA FINALS this week!!! DEY doh care whether you TICKED OFF or NOT. Dalton Narine put the forum in context in ONE SENTENCE in a recent post. Go as see if you could find it.

The real issue is in the article; go back and read it again. Find the MUCK and come back and bring it as a new topic and we could talk about that.

Man does change dey mind plenty on this forum.


Transparency is good when it's the other person.

Cecil, why Pan Times change the post from the Guardian post to George post???????????????????? and kill the Guardian post....blatant CORRUPTION when Panicle Ltd was exposed in The Guardian....NEPOTISM, CRONYISM, TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY....



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