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NGO to hold town hall meeting on March 7

Panicle Ltd, an NGO aimed at providing support systems for the steelbands of T&T and their membership, will host its George “Sonny” Goddard Inaugural Steelband Town Hall Meeting on March 7, from 1 pm, at the Starlift House of Music, Mucurapo Road Extension, Woodbrook. The event is free and open to the public. One of Goddard’s four sons, George Gerard, said on Wednesday: “The steel drum is one of the contributions that we, as the people of the Republic of T&T, have given to the rest of the world. This town hall meeting aims to address the reasons for that phenomenon.” Apart from George Gerard and his elder brother David George, Panicle also includes members of Hugh Borde’s family, with Emile Borde, his son, as one of its directors.

Hugh was the pioneer of Tripoli Steel Orchestra and was closely associated with Goddard when he served as president of the National Association of T&T Steelbandsmen (NATTS) and Pan Trinbago. The members of Panicle have sought to perpetuate the George Goddard legacy. George Gerard said: “In keeping with the Goddard legacy, we aim to begin an open debate on the issues affecting the local steelbands and their membership, and produce workable solutions to positively affect those issues. “This town hall meeting aims to catalyse the building of relationships, to listen to all sides of arguments and to be able to walk away with a feeling of unity and collective purpose.” He added: “This town hall meeting opens the opportunity for branding T&T as the home of our national instrument.”

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gavin, I guess I missed the Guardian post. 

you and the rest of WST forum playing games....we in TT viewing FOREIGN Trinis so-called pan lovers with a cookey-eyed...


The ting is steelband in trouble in the Mecca [not steelpan] man in foreign feels that there is not enough PUSH BACK from the locals, so what we have here is cookey-eye callin cookey-eye, cookey-eye.

The whole IDEA of this Town Hall Meeting - we were discussing it openly on WST forum the logistic of the meeting - the discussion start  to wane, and to some of us surprise a company name Panicle Ltd appear on The Guardian by Peter Ray Blood - after the article was publish, George rush this post with all kinds of SPINS - Pan Times publish the Article only to replace it with this article AND NO MAN DARE BARK....

All you SHOO SHOO about Pan Trinbago Accountability, Credibility, Transparency....


I hear what you are saying, I am waiting until AFTER the meeting to see what will be the program.

Don't let what is going on bother you, go to the meeting THEN formulate your opinion.


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