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Panmen upset as NCC takes control of Pan Trinbago

PAN men were yesterday expressing anger at the decision by the National Carnival Commission (NCC) to take control of Pan Trinbago’s operations for the next three years.

“Now under this minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, we getting nothing. Pan Trinbago has been left out in the cold. They have beaten us like an old rag,” Milton Wire Austin said.

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But she needs the 350,000 votes so she GOT TO PAY the OUTSTANDING BILLS.

And NOBODY eh going to JAIL!!!

What a country!!!

Think about that.

This is what happens when you cannot manage yuh own business. We are excellent and professional at playing the instrument. But business, we are bust! Every panyard must have a business school added to a canteen to run business. I tired tell Aquil this in all forms and fashion. But like he doh understand meh. Money is a subject that pan man need to understand, how to grow it when yuh get it. Gimme, gimme doh cut it, the money is never yours.

On the contrary, I understand it more you know. it is just that, on our last conversation you seemed adamant on not to want to discussing the topic at hand. But that dead now.  

The CIP kept telling the pan community "winter is coming" but stick break in their ear. So!

At the October,29th 2016 AGM,the Executive told the membership that NCC wanted to take over Pantrinbago,and the membership responded with fury and fire.They gave the Executive the strongest mandate ever given to any Executive,but lo and behold the Executive decided to collaborate with the NCC,against the membership.

As of today no Executive member have reported why the directives of the Mandate were not carried out.

The membership were continuously denied an opportunity to move a motion to have Panorama being run by Regional Chairs and other nominated persons.

The membership petitioned for, and was granted an Extra-ordinary General Meeting,and voted to remove the entire Executive,inclusive of Diaz. Mr Diaz stated that he would resign,but the Forteau led faction took the membership to court (as Pantrinbago,and presumably with PanTrinbago's money) ,and as a result Diaz had to stay on as President.

In must be noted that for a substantial period, Mr Forteau was the Acting President,and had to be the foremost PanTrinbago negotiator leading into Panorama 2017,in Diaz "January 5th sick leave" absence.

This written agreement is just formalizing the betrayal of the membership,and the surrender to NCC,by the Executive,that began in November 2016.

There are lessons to be learnt here:

As per usual every afternoon,worker leaves compound pushing a wheel barrow.

Gate security again comes out to check what is in the wheel barrow.....again sees nothing in or under the barrow.

Gate security to himself....I must catch him one day taking out stuff that he stole.

As per usual the worker had another wheel barrow to sell.

 seven day grumble

 it too shall pass

 the  tune of choice shall be played

This is an unfortunate step backward, for the pan movement, not only for the place of origin Trinidad & Tobago, but that the repercussion will be felt throughout the entire pan community of the world. This demonstrates the lack of intellectual ability of the administration of Pan Trinbago to rise to the occasion. The blame squarely falls on the inappropriate activities of the former administration, which took office since 2009. Some nine years of corrupt administration, greed, power, self-interests, cronyism and misplaced management, eventually had to come to an end and this is the result. a complete takeover by the NCC. Much can be said as regard who oversees the NCC and the attitude towards pan. there is a recent record of the leader of the NCC as regard the pan movement, with statements being made against the pan body, including the reduction of finance to the pan players.

The Pan Movement must realize that in 2018 it is not the same business as usual. We must elect leaders that can lead through intelligence, honesty and common sense. we have these people in Trinidad and they need to step forward. There is no room for ignorance, cronyism and lack of intelligence for the people who dare to take up the leadership roles in the Pan Trinbago organization.

Michael Joseph was a kind of a prophet; he saw the MARDI GRAS coming to take the PAN  from the CANBOULAY. On the other hand, he was a witness to all the corruption so he may just have been anticipating the retribution.

Are they still going to have elections? It will take some real creative leaders with PAN PATRIOTISM in their hearts to go REBUILD the organization with no monetary  pipeline.

Yet, I think it could be done.


I have heard so much about the WEALTH OF TALENT in the PAN FRATERNITY: This is the HOUR OF DECISION, the moment when these LATENT LEADERS must come to the FORE and rebirth the organization in a NEW IMAGE.

The next generation like MARCUS ASH and AQUIL ARRINDELL and the lady from the video two nights ago should hold an emergency meeting and PICK UP THE PIECES.

I don't feel that ALL IS LOST!!!

Well its basically exchange, a new set of human beings with same ideas. I must say it was pretty cool seeing a picture on the Trinidad Guardian newspaper showing pan literally on the road for Emancipation Day celebrations. This is what pan is all about.

Morph PT, CIP, ABC or 123 into a Steelpan Trade Union, then sit back and watch how the dynamics will change.

"Now under this minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, we getting nothing. Pan Trinbago has been left out in the cold. They have beaten us like an old rag,” Milton Wire Austin said."

Shameless, shiftless, cap-in-hand attitude.  That there is the source of all the problems in the movement almost from the '70s.

That s**t gotta go!!


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