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PanoGrama 2021 Final Results - Keishaun Julien Triumphs in Steelpan Competition

Global -  After three rounds of intense competition over several weeks, displaying scintillating, sometimes creative performances - Trinidad & Tobago′s own Keishaun Julien vanquished his nine musical contenders on this May 22 PanoGrama 2021 final night.

....Utilizing a tenor instrument minted by the legendary Bertram “Birch” Kelman and tuned by the illustrious Augustus Peters - in the role of a musical meteorologist, Keishaun delivered a forecast that proved accurate.

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Bugs! you called it. People's Choice

And - the people, the online audience, had their “say” as well. Via voting, with all participants under consideration, fan favorites tabulated as follows:

People′s Choice (Voted by the people. 2,314 voters

1. Tyeesha Alexander (T&T) - 525
2. Detroy Dey (Guyana) - 396
3. Keishaun Julien (T&T) - 249

Best Dressed (Voted by the people. 2,094 voters

1. Tyeesha Alexander (T&T) - 456
2. Detroy Dey (Guyana) - 367
3. Keishaun Julien (T&T) - 230

Congrats KJ, we knew you have all that it takes to pull off these feats!!!  You have been ruled the best by test and most by toast!!!  Cheers bro...


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