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Somebody please post up what the TnT bands are playing for 2010. I am longing too know. It must have some pan jumbies in TnT, from TnT who post on this site.

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The bands like to keep what songs they are playing close to their chest until it's time for the judging to take place. If you get a list lucky for you but don't hold your breath.
i dont no if anyone one keep a post on what the bands are playing and i dont think or no
if the bands have to report what they are playing to pan trinbago well before
the competation but if they do then pantinbago should be the one to have that info you could also go band hopping you will no because most of the
bands pratise what song they are playing nightly
Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I am stuck in this freakin cold weather so band hopping is out. Anyhow if any fellow pan jumbies get ah listen please put some warmth in my heart and share some news.
Exodus is playing - “Pan in De Mas” sung by David Rudder - composed by Pelham Goddard; lyrics by David Rudder it's on the WST site
I heard sforzta playing "wild and free"?????
PanOnTheNet/WST always posts up the list of "what the bands are playing" as soon as it becomes available.... patience grasshopper
solo going wit smooth sailing, startlift pandic ,sliverstars battle zone, all stars large is large, bp battle zone, thts all i no for now
I heard the same thing Eye4Pan
Bugs, what about Desperadoes I heard they playing wild and free too????
That would be a very interesting development Eye4pan. I have to check on that one.

Ah like that patience grass hopper. LOL. To every body who has posted some songs, I extend my grateful thanks. To tell the truth I feeling real pan fever. Between me and the pan jumbie family if I get a chance I may fly down and catch the semis, then ride back out. This is a secret ah whispering because ah not telling mama ah going. LOL Guys thanks again for all the responses. Keep it going express your thoughts on the compsitions by the master arrangers.
All Stars -large is large Silver stars -Battlezone Renegades -Battlezone Solo -Smooth Sailing Exodus-pan in de mas Fonclaire - Ken Philmore tune sung by Destra- Phase 2 still waiting for Sharpe


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