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Somebody please post up what the TnT bands are playing for 2010. I am longing too know. It must have some pan jumbies in TnT, from TnT who post on this site.

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wat song tcl playing can some 1 tel me
who is tcl? Skiffle Bunch??
yes skiffle bunch
All Stars--- Large is Large Silver Stars---Battlezone Solo Smooth Sailing Renegades Battlezone Exodus Pan in the Mas Fonclaire Ken Proffesor tune sung by Destra Phase 2 still waiting for Boogise and Machel
Nice chatter!. Band is band, right? Well there is one thing I have noticed. A number of bands are doing their arrangers' songs this year, a little more of a factor than in some previous years. Despers, Exodus, and All Stars are all concentrating on their arranger's work. As is Silver Stars again, and Phase 11 as usual.. Birdsong going with Jason "Peanuts" Isaac's "Vibes of a madman" arranged by Rudy"Two Leff" Smith. Starlift doing their arranger Cary Codrington's tune "Pandemic". "Professor" Philmore doing Destra's "Surrender" for Courts Laventille Sound Specialists. Everybody wants to know what Despers playing. It's a lovely piece of music. It is arranged by Robert Greenidge. Bands like Phase 11 and Invaders are yet to disclose. But, hold on to your seats. In 2 weeks, everyone will know everything and some of us all will be amazed at the musical quality this year.
Thanks too all pan jumbies who posted. I am very excited about panorama although I am thousands of miles away I look forward to reading your posts. Tobago pan jumbes whats going on, give us some feed back. Much Love to WST.
Phase playing 'Pan Army' Boogsie and Kernel Roberts
I'm in Uk and usually all this info is up already.........
I always come here before I go to the PanTrinbago site - sorry but they don't have any pan tunes up!
Tropical Angel Harps and Valley Harps are both playing Battlezone.


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