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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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Thanks Val, from the time you mention Pamberi I remembered seeing a video of them on tour sometime ago and they were good.

At the Steelband Musical Festival, "Boogsie" has been dubbed the Mozart of Pan by foreign adjudicators, as his compositions have been able to stand alongside those of the great classical masters. You can't please everybody. Boogsie is playing 21st century music, he keeps creating and innovating with his style arrangements every year. Most of the other arrangers are scared or maybe don't have vibes needed to go out of the box. Boogsie is a Genius and nobody who is truthful will deny it. He has gone gone place, no arranger has dared to go. He is doing something for pan music, while most of the others remain stagnant, same old runs put to new melodies.

Well said Oswald.

According to you Boogsie is too good for Pan.. Maybe he needs a different competition all together for himself. All the hater talk about is runs as if Phase 2 do not do runs

If you had not notice... This is Panorama not Music Festival


It's up to you to big-up yuh band and arranger.

Accept it or not, Boogsie is a musical Genius. Wynton Marselis said it, Ralp Macdonald said it, and they are experts. By the way Panorama IS a musical festival.

All Stars

Phase 11



Silver Stars













Cecil, I will bet that over 95% of people that post their Pick,  list their  Favorite Band/or the band they want to win  as the #1, they are not picking of what they heard on the Semi-finals. 

Cecil, Your discussion last year  "Who will be 2013 Panorama champions", No one selected the winning combination, (the house win) 2013 results were,  1 Phase two, 2 All Stars 3, Renegades, lets see who going to win it this time 

Bede: Whoever win people go be cussing the judges. Look at all the discussions about judging and we eh even hear the results yet.


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